When to stop eating after injecting insulin?

What is the amount of time you should stop eating after injecting insulin? Like if you are at movies eating popcorn or just eating any meal. I seem to eat fast.

I'm not sure what you mean by "stop eating", Maryann. Do you mean what amount of time you should start your meal after injecting? If so, it varies, but many of us wait 10-20 minutes, called "pre-bolusing" to give the insulin a chance to work. As for how fast or slowly you eat, that isn't particularly important. In general it's better to eat slowly for digestion and that feeling of fullness, but for the insulin it isn't all that relevant unless you were spreading out a snacking over hours. Eat until you're done! Then test two hours after you began your meal, regardless of when you ended it.

I bolus for the total carbs for the popcorn, and don't eat fast. Any carb will elevate your bloodsugar pretty quickly, so I find it best to eat carbs slow hoping to avoid a spike in bloodsugar. There is a delay for insulin to start working and lowering your bloodsugar as well.

Is there an amount of time you should be done eating your food, Like 1/2 hr. or 3/4 hr.?

Not that I'm aware of.

OK, thanks.

I also try to ingest fast-acting carbs s-l-o-w-l-y, say bananas or juices.