When were you diagnosed?

April 7th 1979 when I was 3 years old. I remember the days of no blood tests and glass syringes!!

Almost a month ago, 8 days after my birthday. It hasn’t affected my life very much so far. I had some highs of 600 or so, but now I have it regulated for the most part (although I am in the Honeymoon Phase). I’ve done lots of research on the subject, and understand how everything works for me and against me.

I haven’t really altered my eating habits yet. I count carbs, so when I eat fast food I usually get the same things as I used to as long as they’re within my limit. I have lows much more often than I have highs–hypoglycemia sucks. I gained 20 pounds after I was diagnosed. That’s pretty much the biggest thing I don’t like about Diabetes so far.

Hi Delaney

I was diagnosed on Sept 23 1998 at 14 years old. I get that it’s hard to change your whole life. I remember all of it. I remember what life was like before I had to worry every day and I still remember how I felt and what was said when I was diagnosed at the hospital.

But, even though I’ve been through a lot, (Dka, seizures, insulin shock comas, etc) I think it’s just become a part of who I am now. It has made me stronger, empathetic, aware, determined and has put my whole WORLD into perspective.

T1D IS really really hard! But, this community is great. It might be in your interests to speak to a counselor or therapist. I tried a few therapists over the past 11 years (I’m turning 25 next month) and they each helped in their own way. I helps just to talk it out too. Don’t be afraid.

We’ll figure it out.

Hi Anne

I’m the only Diabetic in my family too! It hard to explain to them what’s happening to me, but I know they are just there to listen and try to support me. It’s lonely sometimes, but…

I love almonds and find they really help with controlling my BG too! I’m Type 1 for 11 years now. My A1c is not so great, but I’m trying so hard!

I wonder if, because you’re just starting to lose your beta cells, if you can do some of the Diabetes Trial Studies for newly diagnosed type 1s? I’ve seen people actually completely come off of insulin in those studies. I wish I knew about the studies when I was first diagnosed! haha.

Good luck!

I was diagnosed Type 1 in January of 2005. One day short of my 40th birthday. Yeah me! I got to spend my birthday in the hospital.

I was diagnosed type 1on May 7th 2009, so just a few months ago. I’m 25, and it has been a difficult adjustment for me. Not the giving up food part, but that it makes me so angry to be going through this. It’s harder for me to even want to eat, knowing that if I do I have to use a needle. It’s getting better, or rather I"m mentally adjusting to the fact that this is for forever.

Diagnosed type 2 on June 24, 2008 and then type 1 on June 26, 2009. I like to always keep 'em guessing.

Chistmas 31 years ago…in 1978…when I was was 15yo. Diagnosed w/ a blood sugar near 1000 mg/dl…was in the hospital for 1 week. Onset was quick, it seemed. I was sick about 1 week before dx and lost some 20 pounds the 2-3 weeks before admission when I was going into a coma. That was moons ago…I think we catch diagnosis earlier I suspect. Changed my life…but, has not controlled me:) I thank nature and God that I have no major complications…just a little background retinopathy but, vision = 20/40.

…would add that it used to scare me, thus control me…it doesn’t anymore…because I know better…hopefully, that is my gift to you.

I was diagnosed with type 1 two weeks after I graduated from highschool. I had planned to join the Navy and enter their missle program. Of course, that went down the tubes. Another opportunity that was dashed with my diagnosis was a jungle trip with Marlin Perkins.

I was first diagnosed with gestational diabetes with my first child in 1982 and then with the next 2 pregnancies in 1985 and 1996. After the birth of each child it went away, only to resurface for good in 2000 with Type 2. For the first several years, I figured it would eventually go away on its own. Took my orals and checked my levels - just not regularly. Thought if I just stayed busy and didn’t think about it, it would fade away. No such luck and reality set in and by 2004, I was put on insulin and orals, not including having some complications due to long term high glucose levels. Even still, it’s taken me a bit to realize the serious of it all. Now, my 24 year old daughter has diabetes. Most of the times I’m at a loss with how to deal with it all. Thanks for letting me talk.

i was diagnosed when i was 16, It was tough for me initially but now its a part of my life. I enjoy my life just like any otherl. Its tough but learn to live with it. But enjoy every moment of your life sweetheart . We all are there with you.

Hello, Im a type one diabetic. I was diagnosed on December 27th 2000. I was 10 at the time, and I had the flu also. The best advise I can give you is to follow your diet and control your blood sugars.

You were diagnosed 87 years ago? Dude. You’re old!

Hi Delaney,
I was Dx’ed in ICU bg 672, a1c 13.2 type 1 aug. 08 52 years old. My Mom and Uncle(her brother) are type 2. I am the only one in the family with D1.
My life got better as I went down the wrong road at the start. Weird as it sounds if I hadn’t been Dx’ed my life would have been shorter. Clean and sober now!!

I was 9 in 1956. All I can remember is that I could go trick or treating, but I couldn’t eat any of the candy. What a bummer hearing the words, ‘you can’t have that’

My parents always bought me sugar-free candy. Of course, it wasn’t nearly as good, and I was incredibly jealous of my sister who got to eat all of my candy, but it was something…

I was diagnosed a little younger than you at 9. June 1st, 1993

I was diagnosed in May, 1973 at the age of 6. I am so glad that I was diagnosed then and not like many of you others as I did not have the chance to develop the love of junk foods and soda. I am so happy that you were diagnosed in today’s world than in the early 70’s because the technology is getting better everyday and the research is much further ahead today than it was in the 70’s. Just think, you may not be diabetic much longer according to a news report on NBC tonight.

March 1974. Age 20