When were you first put on meds?

At what BG#s’ or A1c were you put on meds/insulin??

type 2 here I started w/ oral meds when my A1C starting go back towards 8

My sugars were over 400 and I had ketoacidosis along with the usual thirst and severe dehydration, etc. Insulin right away! At that point they don’t take your A1c until a couple months later where I went.

I was 24 (fasting glucose) , put on insulin 2 days later for 3 1/2 years, then off and onto pills this summer, after I was
stable in numbers and wanting to try something new.

I’ve been tested throughout my life because of family history.Then,last year I had a checkup,my sugar was 312 and my doctor started putting me on pills right away.

As with all type 1’s who were diagnosed in ketoacidosis, I started on insulin immediately.

If I was under other circumstances, I would consider a change of treatment with an A1c over 7 or seeing after meal spikes over 180 mg/dl (10mmol/L).