When will this all end

This has not been a banner year for me so far. It started in January with a trip to my PCP for bad neck and shoulder pain. It wasn't long before I ended up in surgery for a rupture cervical disc and soon after that shoulder surgery for a damaged rotator cuff, damaged cartridge and a case of frozen shoulder. I was just released by the shoulder doctor last Wednesday. During this time I was also diagnosed with Meniere's Disease.

Like I said I was released by the orthopedic doctor on Wednesday, on Thursday I was in my PCP's office for what turned out to be shingles. Since it was on my face and around my I eye I was told to visit my eye doctor immediately, It seems that shingles can damage your eye and your optic nerve.

The initial eye exam on Thursday looked promising and I was made an appointment for a follow-up today, we also moved my yearly diabetic eye exam up from August to today to kill two birds with one stone.

Now comes the part that has left me dismayed. The shingles have done no damage to my right eye which is good news, the bad news is that I have a hemorrhage beneath the macula in my left eye.

My doctors young associate, a Doctor of Optometry, has made me an appointment with my Ophthalmologist tomorrow with the real possibility of a procedure on Wednesday.

Please someone tell me, when will this all end.

I hope soon. You have been through so much. My broken hip was nothing. I hope to get out of this wheelchair soon. Continue to attend all appointments. Thank you for your kind notes to me. You are now on my Prayer List. Take care. Reed

don't give up gary you'll make it

Troubles seem to come in clusters, sounds like you’ve had your share recently Gary so perhaps better days are just around the corner, hang in there:)

Gary-Sorry to hear about all of your troubles. I do understand as had a really rotten year in 2013. Things will get better, just try to keep a positive attitude. I am still recovering from my ordeal last year. Having Diabetes seems like a walk in the park compared to other medical problems you have. Just see your docs and ask a lot of questions of them. Always be your own advocate. Catlover

Gary, I know how hard it is when things pile up.
Please keep us posted.

Gary I wish I knew when it might end. Much like my mom used to say it will end when it ends. I know that seems fatalistic but I think she had a good attitude. Just like you do. I know that I hope for a quick and complete recovery. Eye stuff worries me as much and maybe more than kidneys which probably should worry me the most. My thoughts are with you my friend.

Also thank you for your remarkable service to our community. Hang in their my friend.


Gary, I am so glad that you posted your struggles. I had no idea. I am so sorry that you are having such a hard time. My prayers are with you. Keep us posted so we can support you. You will get through this. It sounds like you have good medical care and that they are on top of things. Feel better.

Isn't there a saying about things coming in 3s? So... neck, shoulder, shoulder again, Meniere's, shingles, macula. That's 2 sets of 3 (not counting diabetes, which I think counts as over 3 things, anyway), so by my calculations the rest of your life should be awesome :) I sure hope so!!!

big hugs, bud

Best wishes


I hope that Wednesday went well for you. My best wishes. Trudy

My injection was postponed for a week for insurance reasons, since Lucentis is a more expensive drug option we must check to see if it is covered. I'm gonna be PO'ed if its declined for monetary reason when it is the best treatment.