When You Confuse The Doctor

Today, I had a follow-up with my endo to go over labs, etc. The appointment ended with doctor admitting that he was confused with what was happening. He also apologized that he couldn’t give me more answers at the moment. (In his defense, he knows what he is talking about and is running additional tests … in 3 months — that part isn’t cool).

Given that regulars on this forum know more that most medical books, I thought I would ask for suggestions. What would cause:

Good A1C: 5.5
Meter readings that vary between 40-300
High cholesterol (Total, LDL Calc, and LDL Direct)*
High T4
Normal TSH
High Hemoglobin
High Hematocrit
Low Vitamin D

  • This is the first time in my entire life my cholesterol has been less than stellar.

It feels like my blood work and meter readings are contradicting themselves. I am not asking for you guys to diagnose me … just point me in the general direction of what I should be looking for or asking the doctors to do.