When you release the fold of skin after you have injected, what should you do?

After my wife injects herself, she releases the fold of skin (usually on her tummy) that she pinched at the injection site. As the fold of skin returns to its normal shape, she follows the skin down with the syringe. Basically, she keeps the needle (the “business end” of the syringe) completely in her fold of skin even as the fold of skin returns to normal. However, is this a good idea or even correct? Please understand that we live in Saudi Arabia. Our doctor is actually 500 kilometers (over 200 miles away). We visit him sometimes but we usually communicate with him via emails and faxes. Like all foreign doctors in the Kingdom, he is extremely busy so we don’t waste his time with perhaps simplistic questions. Any advice any can give us is greatly appreciated.

I think that this is okay, as long as it is comfortable for her. I don’t think it would make a difference if she kept pinching the skin either.

It is a good idea to hold the syringe in for a few seconds to make sure that no insulin drips out when she removes it.

Please feel free to ask anything here!

Hi Marad,

I pinch up, inject, keep the needle in place for a second or two after injecting & then release. I don’t know if mine is the correct way.

Any way that is comfortable and and works for your wife is fine as long as there’s no insulin loss in the process.

I can’t imagine how hard management of diabetes could be when your doctor is 500 km away! While we shouldn’t be giving direct medical advice if we’re not medical people, there are lots of people here with many years of experience. Don’t hesitate to ask.


I pinch, inject, count to three seconds, remove syringe, then release the fold.

Make sure your wife rotates her injection sites :slight_smile:

Wow, I thought I had it hard living in Guatemala…at least my endo is only an hour away! Best of luck to you and there are a lot of knowledgeable people on here to help; you might encourage your wife to post herself as she will enjoy connecting with everyone.

I always remove the syringe before I release the fold.

Then I tuck in my shirt.


Me, too, and then I breathe. For some reason, I have to hold my breath when I inject or insert an infusion set!

me too.

me three!