When you were diagnosed


That was wonderful. I never knew diabetes camps existed until I was a grown up !!! But have been to Diabetes conferences in the last few years with lots of PWDs.


I was 8 in 1959. I was thirsty, lost weight and was very, very ill when I finally went into the hospital. Stayed in the hospital for 3 days which was not long enough.


In 2004 when I was 30 I had to get a physical to transfer to the 4 year university to finish my degree. They checked my blood sugar and A1C. I was sent home with metformin, nutritional information, and a meter/strips.

I was pregnant in 2011 and halfway through was placed on insulin as the metformin was no longer effective and sulfonyureas were a disaster. Earlier in 2011 I also was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma and had my left kidney removed. I went back to metformin after my daughter was born. Over time it became less effective even at higher doses.

Two years in a row of crap insurance meant I only had one basic checkup and not much else. 2015 brought a new job, excellent insurance and frequent urination and insatiable thirst. I high tailed it to the new doctor who was very kind and genuinely wanted to make sure I was well. A1C was 13.0.

Enter basal insulin which had some improvement to 11.0 and then full speed ahead on Humalog. Had some up and downs last year but I am well managed these days with a CGM and my last A1C was 5.9.