When your menses bring you down to the level of a slug

Well, I've been having a fun time dealing with the dreaded menses (guys - you can stop reading if this doesn't interest you - but for us diabetic gals - it can play havoc in the control of our diabetes). I can't remember if I had written about this before, too lazy to search back into my blogs to find out if I did, but if I did, here I go again. For my latest "bout", having the monthly dreaded has made me into a slug like you see above. It just seems as I'm nearing closer to the age of menopause, that things are changing for me in how it affects me. It never has before, and I used to go "poo poo" at women who would miss work because of how they felt. Now I go back on how much of a workload they left me, with being out of the office, I know exactly how the feel!

To read more of my days as a human slug - click on the this link.

Oh I can totally relate Anna. Nice blog by the way. I was never on pain meds since Im highly allergic to pain killers. A warm water bag compress is my comfort for 3 days every month for 20 years now (started when I was 13). Funny, when I was prescribed metformin when I was diagnosed diabetic 2 years ago…the pain discomfort seemed to ease a bit.
By the way…nice picture of a slug…Eeuw!

Ahhhh the joys of womanhood hey?
Since the age of 11 I’ve had nothing but problems, from agonising pain, like temperature rising, cold sweating, curl up and praying for unconsciousness, to it disapperaing for months on end ach!! Now I’m on the pump I can roughly time it via my BGs almost and adjust insulin, they are way out waacky high and then drop away which is exhausting in itself (like you said) without the gnawing, sometimes debilitating pains.
Were I a slug I would pour salt on myself to end it all winks

Hey Teena - I usually use my little lamb water bottle cover to clutch on to at night. With this latest menses - it was pretty unbearable. I was also having hypos galore, which is so opposite for me, usually I have to increase my basal rate by 10-20% - not this time - so abit freakish (I was thinking - my dried up raisin pancease is ALIVE - tho’ doubt that after 41 years of being on a holiday ). Louisa - ugh on how your menses were - for me - this is all new having it this bad - again - new things I’m learning about as I hit that “maturity” level (sigh - I have to grow up now - right?).

Never!! winks*