When you're really in need of a prick, what do you do?

Hi all,

I ran into a bit of a situation on the weekend where I was locked out of my car, just about to embark on a 32 km run, when I realized my poker for testing my blood sugars was still inside the car. My oh-so-resourceful running partners, who all happened to be moms, figured out a solution using a pin and matches. You can read all about it on my blog at www.princessofpavement.com.

So my question to all of you is, what would you do in such a situation, where the pharmacy is closed, you’re minutes away from starting a run that will last up to 4 hours, and you know your blood sugars are on the downward slope, but you’ve locked your poker in your car, and there’s no way to get in? You know, just in case it ever happens again, which I hope it doesn’t - I was freaking out a bit!


Been there :slight_smile: I poked myself with the needle in my glucagon kit!

I don’t run, but I bike and i keep a safety pin on my helmet strap on the off chance that i forgot… i usually have water and it works for me in a pinch… but chances are, I never go riding without my Dexcom, so I don’t usually have that problem…

Freaking out might bring your blood sugar up anyway, so it’s a win-win situation :slight_smile:
I just finished participating in a 200-mile relay race, and was in a similar situation where I didn’t know what my blood sugar was, and didn’t have easy (or any) access to my meter, so I just made sure that I did have access to food and tried to focus on how I felt. Since I’m writing this, you can probably guess that everything turned out okay.

Its shameful that I have used a whole variety of mechanisms to get blood… lancets without the lancer, sewing needs, insulin syringes, packaging blades (very tricky!)… I do NOT recommend any of these “tricks”, but hey, I can definitely understand the desperation!

Pet the first squirrel you see.

ive used a knife before…

My answer is simple. I call my brother!!! LOL Sorry, could not help myself, twisted sense of humor!!!

HAHA good one :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone. I think I’m going to post some of your comments on my blog; they’re just too good not to :slight_smile:

I’d forfeit the run. I’ve had experiences where I forgot my gear or I have my insulin but forgot to stock my kit with syringes. Stuff like that has happened too many times and I just have to change my plans. But yeah, if you can rig something to stick yourself with I’d go for it. It’d cause greater pain, so maybe pick an area other than the finger tips where there are fewer nerves.

You know, sometimes if you squeeze really hard, you can get a recent old hole in your finger tip to get you more blood, and squeezing super hard can actually help “re-open” the hole.

It occured that I left my multiclix at home. I took the insulin pen to prick my finger.