Where can I buy online injection port ? Thanks!

Where can I buy online medtronic i-port (injection port) or similar to medtronic i-port. Online ? :(

I believe the i-port requires a prescription and is exclusively distributed by Medtronic.


Yes that's true once Medtronic bought out Patton Medical they became exclusive distributors. My CDE ordered me some samples a couple of years ago when it was still Patton Medical.

Hi, just had at look at these. Just out of interest what are the benefits, it seems to be half the hassle of pumping, e.g. an infusion set to worry about without any of the benefits?

I know one mom of a CWD whose daughter has extreme needle phobia but does not want a pump. This allows them to give her multiple daily injections without having to stick her 5-7 times a day. I personally would rather just push a button every once in a while but for some people these are a good option.

Ah okay, didn't think of it from that perspective. Thanks.