Where can I find a printable logo for diabetes awareness?

So that I can hang it up at work

here: http://www.diabetesbluecircle.org/

Is the blue circle what you are looking for or is there another logo you've seen that you like, Karen?

I want something that says November Diabetes Awareness Month or World Diabetes Day November 14. Stuff that is all over Facebook but I cannot find in a form to print out :)



You're right, not much printable stuff out there but maybe these will point you in the right direction!

didn't think it would be this hard, I should of ordered something, or maybe I will have to create in a word document.

Don't give up so easily. There are lots of images available via any search engine. I particularly like this one:

You can also browse through the ones shown in this Yahoo link to find one that suits your own tastes:

Thank you, gonna mess with the size at work tomorrow and print