Where can I find a small insulin/syringe case for travel emergencies?

I'm about to travel internationally and I feel the need to stock up on things I don't usually have with me...Like for hiking/day trips I want to carry a vial of Humalog and some syringes, just for emergencies. Where can I get a small, minimal but insulated case? Anyone have a favorite website?

I personally love the Frio pouches. They are great for keeping insulin at a stable temperature, especially in really hot environments. If you get a slightly larger one that is lined with a plastic lining, you can also throw in a few syringes too.

Might not give you the insullation you are looking for but I put my pen needles in a little fishing tackle plastic container when I travel. I tried to attxh a pic of it. Hope that works. I found mine at a local outdoor store called Academy. Hope that helps some.

OK I suckā€¦ let me try the attachment again
3029-20120316_112912.jpg (2.82 MB)