Where do I go from here?

I just need to vent a little… I just came back from my primary care physician. Before I spill out the results, you should know a few things. I get up at 5:30am three days a week and exercise for one hour. (Impressive, right) I get up at 6:30am on Saturdays and exercise for two hours. (Even more impressive, right?) I am a full-time student in college. I am taking 18 credits in course work. I am up late doing homework and I am not one of those college students that goes out drinking. I have had type 1 diabetes for 15 (yes, 15) years and I am on a pump. My a1c is wonderful. Today, my pcp told me I was fat. I tried to explain to her/him that I was gaining muscle from exercise. No luck. He/She said I need to watch my snacking. I do not snack. I do not “order out”, I do not eat bad things like most people my age do. I pass by a plethora of fast-food joints on my way to school – I do not stop. I am so dissapointed. I don’t know what more to do to loose weight. I work so hard, I don’t know where to go from here. Can I get an “amen”.

Seriously! Muscle weighs more than fat. You are healthy and smart and are doing all the right things… tell your pcp to bite me!
I find that sometimes… you just cant fix stupid!!! Keep doing what your doing! be well! xoxoxoxox

Thank you. Someone knows something in this world – that’s you.

Pcp’s aren’t as intelligent as Endos. Sounds like you need to change docs…I’m also a vet with 52 years.

I’m sorry for this. I’ve worked very hard to build muscle and be “lean.” Yet I get this all the time, simply because my BMI is in the overweight category. In the end, your doctor is your “advisor.” In some areas, they have competence to give you advice. In other areas, they don’t. Obviously, the don’t have competence to give you advice on whether you are fat. Believe in yourself. You won’t be wrong.

You deserve a pat on the back and a “Great Job”…tell your doctor we all said so!! Ignore it, continue on…you are doing great.

Thank you Robyn, Betty J and bsc! I appreciate it.

That Dr needs to stop being so unkind!

Your doing a wonderful job, and don’t let a soul tell you different.
And keep on doing that exercising and all that muscle wil shove out the fluff…:slight_smile:

And we all know being on Insulin sometimes makes it a bear to lose weight, so again you are not alone.

I would have said something to that Dr, well I am one to argue and sass back when they step over my Payment line, and tell them that to. There is no good to come from a Doctors waste of words when a Pt like you is doing every thing possible to take care of herself… you deserve such praise, I am giving you lots:)

So press on,. and your good will will win :slight_smile: Debbie

Slap that doc for me. You’re healthy with a great A1c & exercise a lot (yep, I am impressed). Don’t let anyone rain on your parade. Bet you’re in better shape than the PCP.

You can get an amen from me! What sort of endo is he if he does not know that insulin causes weight gain, for some people more than others! I have struggled with weight round the lower half of my abdomen all my life (I used to be big, my blood sugars used to be bordering on hypo, and I did have hypoglycemia if I did not eat enough) and then my pancreas packed up because of a cyst on the end of it, which they cannot reach to remove, and I went super skinny - like someone out of a concentration camp. My top half has gone skinny again due to poor control, but there is still the apron at the bottom. I was moaning about this to one doctor and he said it is because of the high doses of insulin that I am on. I am stuck with it. I am not vain, but would love to have hour glass figure, but with this disease it ain’t goin’ to happen!

The only thing I could do is to reduce the insulin, but then my sugars would go higher and that is not healthy either! Don’t even consider it! I do not hold much store with these A1Cs anyway. I expected mine to be in double figures because of numerous infections, but the hypos have seemed to cancel them out and I am 9.9. Not my worst, but …

Your comment should also go in the “What’s the most annoying comment …?” section. See what they have to say about it in there!

Your doctor does not know you as well as you do and those around you.

screw the dr.!
her opinion means nothing if your bg readings are good.
this is one disease that you take care of yourself and,believe me,honey,youre doin’ excellent!

I have had diabetes for 37 !/2 years ((yes 3 1/2 decades). I have exercised for the past 28 years on a regular basis. Exercise eliminated at least one shot a day. 5 years ago I began a pump. Since then I have worked with an expert on management. Insulin can add excess weight gain based on amount of insulin you take on a daily basis.
It does come down to basil and bolus levels. My weight pretty much stays the same but there are times when I can look much heavier than others. I have found when I am under 30 units (total) /day I feel better. .

Stress adds to high levels so you may not even realize that you may be treating highs based on stress such as turning in a paper, exam etc…
It is not easy being “perfect” we are individuals who need to be that much more aware of our own bodies and how we each mange our stress levels.
I do sympathize with you and hope that you are able to remain as positive as possible on a daily basis.

Thank you Maureen, Ellen and iatvianchick, gerri and hismouse. I appreciate it.

Do not this let doctor tell you something that is not true. What was the motive behind the doctor talking about fat? Makes no sense. If you know you are eating healthy things, then the question is the combination of what you are eating and how much. Do not let this doctor stop your motivation. I too exercise at 5 am in the morning, and have been a type ! for 50 years. Losing weight as a type 1 is such a delicate balance, I don’t even think doctors can relate to what it takes to accomplish. Give time time. it will happen if you are eating right, and exercising, and without having a ton of hypos like I did, (that always made me think I wouldn’t lose,) but eventually I did.