Where do you get your cooking supplies?

I realize this is going to sound like a stupid question, but I live in a small town, with the largest grocery store of any kind, except Wally World, miles away. Even the local stores don't carry things like almond milk, almond flour,erythocil, etc.

So what or where would go suggest we go for those types of supplies? Do you order them on line, or make the trek to a larger community for supplies?

Also, if these ingredients aren't available, how about some foods with normal ingredients that the whole family might have on hand? Along with availability, the cost of these ingredients is prohibitive, also,


I am on a Celiac list, and those people buy foodstuffs online at Amazon Prime. I don't eat diabetic food, because I'm LADA, a form of Type 1, but I almost ordered something I just tried called Good Karma. It's a flaxseed milk with only 1 carb! It comes in those cartons that are shelf stable.

I guess I use a lot of Organic Flaxmeal to make those muffins in a minute in the cup. I also need cereal free baking powder.

I eat mainly low carb vegetables, meat, fish, and cheese. I am able to cook meals that my family loves. I just make them starches that I don't eat.