Where do you get your vegetables?

Especially those who live in areas where fresh produce is not readily available, where do you buy good veggies (and fruit)? I live in a place where the growing season is 45 days. I'm considering a CSA - does anyone have experience with these? Please visit my blog for more http://www.janekdickinson.com/?p=550

I've not joined a CSA, but looked closely at them. Instead, I go to local farmers markets which has the advantage that you can choose what you want and they have a broader set of producers including things like grass fed beef. I am fortunate, I live in a metro area and have a broad range of fresh produce available, including the worlds largest Whole Foods is just a few miles away.

I'm so envious!!

Here in Ohio we have local fresh vegetables from the supermarket much of the year. Thank goodness for frozen vegies for the rest of the time.

Good reminder that frozen is better than canned, due to sodium content.

Good question. As a vegetarian, I have tried to become more informed about these issues, but can do a better job. I live in New York, where you can get a little bit of everything, there are plenty of so-called organic markets, but you have to be smart about what is legitimate and what not.

Thanks for your input, Stoyan. I love visiting NYC, where there is literally produce on every corner.