Where do you squirt your "primed" needle?

Just wondering where you end up squirting your insulin to prime your needle.
I use Lantus and Humalog and just end up squirting the insulin in the air where I sit at the PC…
It just lands on the rug and has not made a stain yet, but I swear the spiders in my room must be getting bigger… Not something I like to think about as I am falling asleep and wondering where they might be crawling after I fall asleep…
Where do you squirt your insulin to prime the needle?

I squirt mine in the air. Don’t notice anything happening to the spiders.

kleenex or the alcohol prep pad I used to prep the area prior to injection.

I do then when I go on pump vacation or the pump breaks :slight_smile:

Yuck! Doesn’t the insulin smell linger and drive you nuts? I can’t stand that smell. When I need to prime my pump tubing I do it over the sink and if I don’t rinse it out afterword I always smell it later. Maybe I’m just weird though.

so this might be kinda mean, but i used to squirt the insulin in the direction of my dog, and she would try and bite the stream of insulin. very amusing and it made the injections slightly more bearable. :]

I squirt it anywhere that’s convenient - usually up in the air over the sink, but sometimes into a napkin if I’m eating out. I’d do it on the floor, but I think my husband would fall over dead if I did that :slight_smile:

Funny… at first I was really worried about where it went, now I don’t care in the least. Thinking about Allana’s suggestion of shooting it at the dog! I’d worry, though, that the dog would actually catch some!

I squirt it in a water bottle where i throw my needles

I squirt my pump prime on the counter , just little stuff …in kitchen( I how I like to get an updated counter made out of granite …another topic ! ) ) or bathroom counter …most interesting question ; on needles prior and did not " prime "…

into the air or maybe over the trash can. have never given it much thought.

I squirt mine in the air.

Is it terrible that I don’t prime?

As high into the air as I can-seems to go higher on a new pen!

LOL - with my pen needle - I just squirt anywhere - tho’ preferably not in someones eye . It’s wierd - now that I’m on the insulin pump - where you also have to prime a new infusion set - my husband says he notices the smell of insulin when he comes upstairs to the kitchen. I prime in the kitchen sink - since I usually lose about 1-3 units of insulin (what a waste). With the pen needle I only primed 1/2 unit.

Anywhere or everywhere

I squirt mine in the air or the carpet. Who is going to know? Its good for the spiders. The spiders get hungry from injesting the insulin. Hungry spiders is what you want. It is a win win situation.

Haha! I don’t think anyone would know, I have not seen any staining in almost a year and I don’t seem to smell anything, I smell the Alcohol Swabs most of all and have unfortunately made the association of that smell to a needle stick.(4 times a day)
I think I might have been bit from a hungry spider last week is why I brought it up… Now I am just waiting for my super human powers!

I don’t think it is real bad, no.
I remember when I was growing up seeing a movie or a crime show where this guy barracaded himself in a room in the hospital and took a huge turkey basting size syringe and stuck it in his arm before the good or bad guys could reach him and he went into convulsions and died… Being a little kid I was like, what the heck was all that about???
Sure If you inject 50CCs of air directly in your vein it’s going to go to your heart and cause some major malfunctions , but giving yourself a shot under the skin ( subcutaneous injection) with a little air in it wont hurt you…
Although if you prime your needle you have more of a correct dosage of insulin as if you didn’t. The air in the needle will take up space where there should be insulin, maybe even up to 1/2 a unit…
I take one shot of Lantus a day at dinner time of 75 units and if I don’t leave the needle in long enough (UGGGHHHH I like to just shoot it in and get it over with!!! ) but if I don’t wait with the needle in me long enough 10 seconds just pushing plunger while it sits there (UGGGGHHHH) sometimes it leaks a bit either out from the site or a couple drops from the pen… So if on top of that, if I did not prime the pen I would not be sure of a correct dosage…
At first I was scared to death! I am in charge of my own fate… If I make a mistake and squirt in 75 units of Humalog (fast acting) instead of the 24 units…by using the wrong pen… UMMM I am going to go pretty dang low!!
This aint a game… This is real!
But the pens are a little different shape and a different color so has never presented itself as a problem.

Add me to the “any old where” column.

If you don’t prime, you may not be getting an accurate dose.

I use very small doses with my Apidra pen, 1-3 units, and if I don’t prime I’ll get 1/2 unit rather than 1. Sometimes if there is air in your pen, nothing will come out at all. Also, I reuse pen needles, and as they get older sometimes they clog. I have never had a problem with reusing pen needles making my insulin go bad. Reused syringes will contaminate vials, though.

If you are using large doses–30 units or more of lantus, it probably isn’t as big an issue, except it you have a bad needle. If you see unexpectedly high fasting bgs, you’d want to prime to make sure you are getting the insulin.

the only time i prime is when i change pen needles, which is prob only twice per cartridge (300 units)
i just prime where ever … tho my irish cousin primed at her sisters face :stuck_out_tongue:

I squirt into the air or on the floor. I also like to squirt at my kids LOL.