Where do you want to make the biggest improvements?

A post by Cara over at the JDCA blog got me thinking about making improvements in your daily life as a diabetic and as a whole...and I thought it would be an interesting discussion to see where people feel they need to make the biggest improvements?

It can be anything from your daily management with diabetes, to a broader scale, like the way we advocate and speak out for other diabetics and for battling this disease. Where do you feel like you need to put the most work in?

For me, I definitely want to get more involved in diabetes events and fundraising activities - really haven't had the opportunity to do much of that. Of course, I want to do it for the right cause and for the right people.

I want to work to revise the medical communication and management process. My big goal would be to lobby someone with millions of dollars to fund a study to prove that testing 12-14x/day is a medical necessity for people with diabetes to normalize their bloodsugars. While I realize that some people may be able to normalize their BG with a bit fewer tests, I don't think that substantiates an insurance company's arguments that they only should cover 4-7 tests/ day.

I realize this is not nearly as marketable as "a cure" however, except for the running a study part, seems like the cost would be minimal and just require a mind set shift...