Where have you found a use for the used Pod batteries?

Ok, so this topic may be a little strange and I couldn't find it posted before, so here goes..

The other day, my kids Hex Bugs (http://www.hexbug.com) a toy they got for Christmas, started running out of batteries and I thought to myself, I know where there are some (lots in fact) that might fit... Guess what, they fit perfectly and now these little toy bugs have an endless supply of batteries to keep them running around the house...

So, I was wondering what other devices these little batteries with tons of life left in them could be used for...

Anyone found some good (or unique) places they fit?

And Happy (and Healthy) New Year!!

Thanks for sharing,
I didn't know the batteries are still working.
I know that we can mail old pods for recycle. What other options we have?

Funny ... I have been pondering this for some time. Seems like such a horrible waste to throw out 4 batteries, every 3 days. I thought I saw that they might work in some hearing aids. I know there are a lot of seniors that don't like to spend money -- might be worth connecting with a nursing home to see if they would have any use for them???

Does anyone know the typical charge that is left after the pod has been used?

They are 357 sized. So anything that fits a 357 (also goes under the name "303") would take these.

The batteries must have enough juice to make it the entire shelf-life that is listed on the box. Most are 2 years from date of manufacture. I wouldn't think that it would make the cut as an 'acceptable medical device' if it couldn't do its actual job during that time frame due to low battery...at least I'd assume it wouldn't be approved.

I would imagine if you use it in the first few months after manufacture then it probably still has maybe 75% of its juice left...but that's just a total guess.

I have been adding mine to the recyle bag to send them to be recyled (10 more to go for my first send!) . I can`t be bothered to start opening the pods.
also have nothing else that would use this size.

You would be surprised how many kids toys take these things!!

I use them in my Lyman electronic digital caliper!

That's exactly what I used some for. Also came in useful for one of my god son's handheld games. Not sure his mum appreciated it though; noisy game and I think she'd been praying it'd go flat since Christmas day!

Lol, that's funny.

A fellow re-loader?

re-load? how?

More Battery Info courtesy of Wikipedia.

This information is probably true, so take it for what it's worth.

ive got some in A laser pointer / LED flashlight
they are the popular size for pen size lights/ect.