Where in the arm do you put your CGMS sensor?

I need to find other places to put the sensor. Can any one show me or tell me how to use the arm?

I wear my Dexcom Seven Plus sensor on my arm probably 85% of the time. I wear it in the back. Here is a photo that was snapped of me and you can see where the sensor is. http://www.flickr.com/photos/jessicahickok/3717895342/

Hope this helps!
Jessica Hickok

Mine is in the back part of my arm, with the probe inserted “upwards” if that makes sense. I’m only trying dex out right now, so this is the only one I’ve ever worn… it’s really comfortable there, I don’t even think about it most of the time.

I also wanted to find a new area so tried the back of my upper arm. My husband had to inject the sensor and plug in the transmitter for me but he is more than willing to help. My readings were great but I kept bumping the tranmitter so it didn’t always work so nicely that way. Maybe I had it too high up. I’d like to try it again. Hope you have good success in your arm.

I wear my Dexcom more on the inside of my arm. Wish I had a picture. Will work on it. I put my elbow on my knee and then roll my arm outward to give myself a good insertion site. I don’t where it too high up. I’d say closer to the elbow than the armpit. It functions well there. I can do it myself.

I just made a video of how to insert the Navigator sensor into the back of the arm, but I still have to edit it before I can post it. I would say that it’s just where the edge of the back of a short sleeve t-shirt sleeve would hit my arm - where you might grab if someone asked you to touch the back of your arm.

I know you’ve asked about the arm but I wear my dex sensors on my thighs … that’s another suggestion. Not on the top part, but more to the side. When I first tried it, I wasn’t sure if a) it was going to stick out too much and b) if I was going to get good readings. Well it turns out that I’ll probably rarely wear them anywhere else. It doesn’t stick out much at all and I’ve been getting great readings. Even though I sometimes wear my infusion sets on my arms, I haven’t tried the sensors there since it looks like more work for some reason. Plus they’re bigger and I do tend to bump the sets from time to time.

I posted my video: http://tudiabetes.com/video/freestyle-navigator-cgms