Where is my membership card?!


I am new, both to this forum and to the "club" that no one want to join. Yes, I'm talking about Club T2 (sounds a whole lot sexier than it is). But since I received my membership card, I've been hoping for some bennies. After all, American Express does claim that "Membership Has its Privileges." Here's some that I thought could be good ones:

  • Frequent Flyer miles for every time your blood sugar is 130 or below.
    Discounts on socks (I heard that the traditional variety with tight bands aren't good for your feet).
  • A DE (designated eater) - someone who consumes and absorbs sugars and carbohydrates, but passes the flavor and satisfaction on to you. I would rather not give up my cannoli and chocolate eclairs.
    Free insulin. After all, it isn't OUR fault that we don't have enough. So there must be folks with insulin to spare. I think it's just good manners to share.
  • Carbohydrate-free carbohydrates. We put men on the moon and supercomputers in our pockets. Carbs seem to be as big a problem as global warming, and there are lots of folks all over that. It's high time that our great minds start working on this one.
  • Free towels. No particular reason for this one; I've just always wanted someone to hand me a nice warm towel, no charge. Being Type 2 seems as good a reason as any to finally get them.

I hope, at least, that we get free lockers and pool privileges - it always got on my nerves to pay extra for those.

Here's to the adventure!



I love the proposed benefits and think they are deserved but I still don't think I would voluntarily join this club no matter how good the benefits were. Given a choice I would have passed. But since this was a forced membership I agree a few benefits would be nice.

I think I can add a couple of more the list

How about a pinch tester or a pinch injector. I would be nice if there was someone that could occasionally step in and take a turn at bat.

Or how about a personal food coach that would follow you around and says " Hey dude are you sure you want to eat that." anytime I make a poor food choice.

And Yeah free towels would be great.

I also think that we should expand our club to include everyone with diabetes. The T1's amongst us probably deserve a few benefits more than anyone else.

Gary S

Other than the personal food coach (many of us have those, like it or not, and struggle to get rid of them), I think all of this sounds nice. Since we're just fantasizing, of course, because this stuff will never happen.

I used to get my hair cut at a place in Manhattan, and sometimes after a cut they'd ask if I wanted a warm (actually, steaming-hot) towel. I never understood it and always declined, but eventually I gave in and decided to accept... boy was it nice! (and as you can see from my profile pic, my hair - what's left of it - is cut really short!)

Welcome to Team 2 and I'm very sorry to meet you (because meeting you here means you have this infernal disease, too.)

I love your attitude and your sense of humor; keep laughing in the face of Big D and you'll do just fine!

(...hands John a warm towel...)

There you go!

I think I’m going to call it little d, partially out of respect for the Type 1s who have it tougher than me and because I don’t want this disease to get a swelled head.

I will take the treatment of it seriously, but I am determined to make the bumps in the road with humor. Hear that t2, you are MY ■■■■■ now!

I love you attitude also. Lord help us we can always use more humor. I'm looking foward to future posts. Just don't sell T2 short, although the challenges are sometimes different they are just a difficult.

Gary S