Where should my sugar levels be?

For a while my levels have been pretty crazy so i was usually happy being below 200. Recently iv been trying to take better care and not so succesfully, buti got a pump about a week ago and havnt had a reading higher than 116. Its usually hovering right at 80 tho, where do i want it 80-100 or more like 100-130?

Are you under the care of an endocrinologist? I couldn’t get a pump without my endo’s Rx. He is the one that set my target at 140 and my low limit at 70.

technically, your “good bgs” will be 80-120. I try to set my goal on my pump as 80-110, and everytime i bolus, it trys to bring me to 100. but, anything 80-120 is excellent. my “lows” start at 69.

Congratulations–that’s awesome! Wow, if you can keep it between 80-100, do it! Those are the readings of normal people.

Yeah its been working well for me. Im at 180 now tho i was at 120 and thought id be ok to eat a banana without bolusing and it shot me up 100 points.

Beautiful results you’re getting. Bananas are super sweet. I can’t even look at one without my BG rising. Guess that’s a lesson learned:)

ha, yea most deffinitely

i eat a banana as a snack, i can’t think of a better snack to fill me up between meals.

on the topic of bananas…

i just wanted to remind you all, that the riper it is, the higher sugar content!! ever wonder why it tastes so much sweeter when the peel is starting to get brown freckles? it’s because it’s breaking down into sugars. therefore, it’s much higher on the glycemic scale the riper it gets.

Dude, those are pretty badass numbers.