Where to Put your sensor for CGM


I am under CGM from Medtronic since just one week and I get really wrong data. Like I was at 37 and shoes me 100. So it does not help me a lot for the moment to avoid lows. Have you some tricks to give me on how you managed it to get right readings? Where do you put your sensor? on the belly, on arms, on hips? Has the “fat” something to do with, do i have to put the sensors on place where there is less fat like arms.
thank you very much for your help.

Read this link. What system are you using? How often do you calibrate?

I put my sensor in my leg. Do you have your pump set to send your readings directly to your pump? If you do, turn that off. It causes the pump to automatically calibrate the sensor. And that messes up all your readings.
Sometimes it’s just a bad sensor, but for the most part my readings are pretty accurate.
I did put the sensor in my stomach the first time I had one, but I like it in my leg better.

Thank you for your comments.
I am under Paradigm 722 with mini-link transmitter.
yes you are right. My mini-link transmitter send all the readings to my paradigm pump. Is this not ok? How to do something else,so?

If you are on the CGMS, then you should turn the feature off that reads to your pump. If you are not on CGMS, then it is fine. When I don’t have a sensor in, I always let my meter read to my pump. It just messes up the CGMS by calibrating every time you test if you have the feature turned on. CGMS recommends that you only calibrate 2 to 3 times per day, no more. And that you only claibrate during times of steady blood sugar readings. And since that is not always the case when you test, that’s why you should turn off the transmitter feature if you are on CGMS.

If you have the new One Touch Ultra Link Meter- Press and hold the OK button which brings up a list. From there you will see an option that says “PUMP COMM” -Press the OK button and then use the arrow button to select YES so that it turn the communication off between your meter and your pump.
I have already emailed my Medtronic nurse about this and she said they are hopefully going to come up with a firmware update so that we can use the communication feature on the meter without have it affect our CGMS calibration and accuracy.


Ohh, that would be great! I wondered why they didn’t do that in the first place. I mean, when you manually put the readings in, you get to choose if you want to update the sensor or not. So why not when communicating? I’m glad to hear they are working on it. Thanks for the info.