Whey Protein for T1?

Just read a promising study (i think it is a study that has been repeated by two different researcher teams over the past decade) with findings that support whey protein consumed before meals to assist T2 diabetics. Does anyone know if this benefit also pertains to T1 on insulin? Apparently, whey acts somewhat like glucagon in the body. It has shown to reduce post meal BG numbers by 26% in T2. Any info on whey use for T1 is appreciated. Of course not planning on stopping insulin.

Hi Melissa,

Did the study indicate a particular amount of whey protein consumed before meals in the test subjects that made the difference in post-meal blood glucose readings?

I'm interested in learning more about this study. I recently had bariatric surgery, though I am type 1, and have been consuming whey protein quite regularly as my body heals and because of an increased protein requirement post-op.

So far, from my personal experience, my blood glucose rises after consuming approximately 20 to 26 grams of whey isolate protein in a zero carb protein drink (the powder has no carbs and I mix it with a cup of plain water) -- my body is possibly converting some of that protein to glucose (I know that happens after a certain number of grams of protein are consumed in one sitting). I don't, however, consume the whey protein in conjunction with a regular meal.

I'm a little confused about one point. The study said that whey acts somewhat like glucagon in the body? Maybe I'm just not up to snuff on what glucagon does in the body. I thought it raised BG? Maybe I'm misunderstanding. Or could it be possible that, if it acts like glucagon in the body of a person with type 2 diabetes, that it would cause an influx of insulin in response to an early rise in BG, prior to eating that meal, and thus the meal would be better covered by the naturally occurring insulin that many people with type 2 can still produce?

If it's the case that consuming whey produces an insulin response in type 2 diabetics it, of course, wouldn't be useful to type 1 diabetics to consume whey protein prior to meals in hopes of stimulating the pancreas to release insulin. All I've noticed, so far, is that my BG is elevated after consuming whey protein containing zero carbs and I end up having to correct the high BG.

I don't know my response helps at all. This is a very interesting study. A lot to think about and I'm not a scientist or in the medical field, so I'm not positive I'm understanding everything as well as I could! :)

I've been pounding it for a while. I have some buddies who are into the Beachbody fitness stuff and I tried a couple of programs (T25 and then P90X3...) which are fun. I mix a scoop of protein with a scoop of Shakeelogy and it seems to work pretty well. I don't know if it makes a difference in BG as I'm covering it with insulin but I think it helps recover from lifting weights, etc. I went from 1 chin up to 5 chinups during X3 so between the working out and protein shakes, I got stronger, although I suspect that working out had more to do with it.


it acts like a glucagon-like-peptide and helps secrete insulin. You are correct that this may not help T1. Maybe LADA 1.5. Thanks for your reply!