Which clothing/pockets/packs, fit the Animas pump the best for a 4 year old

My little guy is 3 turning 4 soon. He gets an Animas pump on Aug 24. He is very active and I don’t want the pack flopping around when he runs or goes on the trampoline. I am also looking for the best bed time pouch and the best pocket clothing for undies, shirts etc.

I checked out Kangaroo something but they are on backorder and I checked out Pumpwear but they cost $30 + $13 shipping to Canada for just a tank.

I need some reassurance that my money will be well spent if I am going to pay that much.

How do your young kids wear their pump? Is there something special they wear so the pump and tubing is safe at night?


we use pouches from a site called www.spibelt.com. they run about $15 and usually have offers for free shipping or 15% off, whichever you’d prefer.

my son ben is 3 and will be 4 in october. we’ve been using the spibelts with him for almost 2 years.