Which infusion set? To pump or not to pump?

Thanks for reading. I’ve been on MDI for 26 years and just got the MM 722 pump with the Quick set 6mm straight cannula a week ago. The first place I put the infusion set was in my love handle on my left side. This stung for about 4 hours, and eventually went away. Three days passed and I tried the front of my right abdomen and got a “No Delivery” alarm about an hour later. Then I switched to my left abdomen. Again, no delivery. I thought that maybe the cannula bent against my muscle, so with that theory I pulled my skin with the infusion site away from my ribs and gave a bolus. Sure enough, it gave a full bolus. So, I figured maybe I’m just to skinny for the Quickset.

So, I went to my doctor and got a Sure-T and tried that on; this time in my right side. It was great for about 20 hours, then it started burning really bad. I tried to ignore it but after a couple of hours, all I could think about was “get this thing out of me!!” So, I pulled it. Now I have another Quickset in my love handle toward the back on the left side again, bc the right side stung for another hour from the Sure-T. It feels okay, but every now and then it will sting. Now also, I haven’t worked out with this infusion set in yet, so we’ll find out how well it works.

I was (and still am) hesitant about the pump, because I’m extremely active and don’t like the feeling of a needle in me while I climb, run, etc. My blood sugars are better than they ever have been though. So, I’m kind of at a standstill in my decision. What do you all think?

I am hesitant about the pump as well but if I had the chance I would give it a go no doubt because if it dont work you can always go back to your shots.
Seeing as your levels are better why not give it a go and see if anything else improves,maybe if you find the right place it might even make it easier to do your work outs.
Good luck and let us know how it goes.

Hi Isara,

I truly understand what you are talking about. It took me 12 years to get up the nerve to go on a pump, i do enjoy it, it beats 4 shots a day, but i do have a love hate relationship with it when it comes to inserting lol

I have the same pump as you, i have only had it for about 4 months. I have had a lot of trouble with the “no delivery” readings. I only use the Quickset not the Silhouette ( it looks scarry to me lol)
My pump rep thinks I have a lot of scar tissue in my lower stomach and my nurse thinks its kinking. After much trial and error i figured out that the only spots I can use are my “love handles” and more towards my back. If i insert in my “abs” area ( not enough fat) i get no delivery same with my lower stomach ( due to scar tissue). My advice for you is give the pump some time, keep track of the spots that work and the ones that don’t.

I have no problems playing sports, snowboarding or going to the gym with my pump.

Good luck with it. Let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

I first had 9mm quicksets and had a lot of problems, bending of cannulas. I have switched to 6mm and most problems went away. I got some Silhouette samples from MM and they worked great. I tried to use 6mm quicksets on my back and won’t work, I get a lot of no delivery from pump. I would contact your pump rep , after you get some free samples from MM, and have them show you how to use properly. I hand inserted my silhouette after I went to a local MM class and rep explained how to insert. I feel less of the infusion set using silhouette than quicksets.

Thanks Osob, for the postive motivation. I’m sticking with it for at least another couple of weeks (until the money back guarantee is up-Feb22). I’m going to switch to the 522 and different infusion sets and see how that works. I’ll keep ya posted.

Thanks for the post dietfrog! It was very informative. Btw, where did you get that screen name? It makes me think of kerope with an insulin pump, lol. It sounds like you’ve had the same problems. My belly has no fat and and the only spot so far that works is my far back on my side/back. I am also limited to my sites because I climb, and my harness knocks on it if it’s to low or in the wrong spot. It’s good to hear that you board and have no problems, because I love to ski and boarding is on my agenda to master (done it once, but…well…let’s just say that my backside and the ground have a whole new relationship now;). I’m still debating on this guy vs. MDI. How long did it take you to get used to the pump?

hey Isara,
I went on the pump in 2-12-08. It was my choice not mt endo’s. I have had T1 sinc 1958 at the age of 3. I am an avid deer hunter and am very successfull at it. My wife and kids LOVE the harvest. I had trouble with the Minimed pump because of the cold that we have in New England. 9 degrees and the tube hanging out. I switched to the Omnipod and since it is under neath clothing it works GREAT!!! My duaghter was diagnused in 2006 at the age of 26. That troubles me more than anything.

Any thing is possible if you try!!!

LOL Kerope is the coolest frog in the world!!
One day i was sitting at my computer thinking of a screen name for something and i had a can of diet coke next to me and i happen to think frogs are cute so i put the nickname together and its unique like me i guess haha. Also i didn’t realize that so many people use their real names on here.
My real name is Heather =p

I have a solution for you, re: climbing. I have seen belt type things on etsy (just type in insulin pump) that you can wear around your waist maybe higher so it doesn’t get in the way.
I also bought a leg strap to hold my pump from Medtronic, it’s velcro and can go around your thigh, not sure if that would help, i have never been climbing so im not sure.
I wear my pump in my bra 24/7, which doesn’t help you much =p

It only took me about a week to get used to the pump, It’s like a long lost appendage to me now lol

Thanks for the reply Ray. I’m sorry to hear about your daughter. I know it’s hard, but at least you can give her some personal and experiential guidance. It means so much more when someone knows what you’re dealing with, versus read a book and assumes this is the way it works, ya know?

I can imagine that your insulin would freeze in the tube. I’ve never went hunting, but I can imagine being in a stand for hours waiting…all while your insulin is freezing. That wouldn’t be so great. I’m considered ice climbing seriously, and I was worried about me insulin freezing up on some alpine summit. I’m glad to know that I will need to make some arrangements if I still have this pump. Seeing as you were on MDI, what do you think, pump or no pump?


i have been diabetic for 36 years, and I started on the pump about 8 years ago. Best decision i every made. Sometimes when i insert my set it also burns. i put it in my love handles (by the look of your picture mine are more ample than yours could ever be). It is a little annoying sometimes, but you either get used to it or move it.

rick phillips

Are you able to try the Inset 30? I believe Unomedical makes it. I’m thin too and sometimes the cannula does seem to go too deep and prevents the insulin from going anywhere but back out. Different spots yield different results. 88% of my insertions are good for me (if I’m to make a guess).

The Inset 30 is my preference because I don’t have to physically push the needle in (man, that hurts!), and the angle is relatively small which helps prevent it from going too deep to be effective. Just visualize how you give yourself injections and find a set that provides you with an angle that most closely matches that. (For me injections were supposed to be between the fat and muscle layers. Not having much of a fat layer, I just go for “between the skin and muscle layers.”)

I hope you don’t get discouraged and decide pumping isn’t for you. Especially with a very active life, pumping will likely give you the most freedom to live your life the way you want to and manage your diabetes feeling you are the one in control and feeling good. Please keep us in the loop of what you decide.

Julie Ann :slight_smile:

You’re correct with thinking Unomedical making them… I’ve just switched to the Inset 30’s and love them!

Thanks so much for you reply Rick. I think I’m getting used to it…slowly. It’s been in exactly one week today that I’ve had this pump. I’m definitely returning this one and trying the 522 (smaller one), and probably trying the minimed silouettes. We’ll see how that works.

Yeah, they do burn. I guess most people don’t experience this? It’s really helpful to know that someone else experiences the same thing as I was starting to just assume there was something wrong with my body. This set has been in for two days now and it’s ALOT better than when I first put it in. It’s still weird though.

I’m gonna stick it out for a two more weeks and see how I feel about it. I’ve heard a lot of people say that they are really glad that they went to the pump and that’s my primary motivation for staying with it. I know that my climbs suffer tremendously when I’m either too high or low (primarily high…I simply have no coordination when I’m high, I just shake myself off the wall when I’m low…I call it the Elvis Leg:). So, again, thanks for the motivation. If I may, how big of a difference was the pump from MDI for you personally?

Thanks for reply Julie Ann. I totally understand what you mean by “between the skin and muscle layers”…Ya know, its so weird…there have been a number of times where I wished I had more meat…I’ve lifted weights religiously for most of my life and have tried everything to gain some weight. I can’t gain weight to save my life…and once again, I need a little meat and don’t have any.

I’m gonna stick with the pump for the next two weeks, at which point I can either send the pump back and get my money back or stick with it. I know it’s a useful tool. Recently, I went Raw Vegan eating 90% fruit and 10% veggies and I felt great…minus the CRAZY swings with my blood sugar. My carb to insulin ratio is usually 15g/1u, but when I went raw it was 60g/1u. I read up on it and the short version is it’s because there is so little fat in the food. If I had a pump at that time, life would’ve been so much more spectacular!

I’ll see if I can try out the Inset 30’s. If I stay on the pump, I imagine I’ll just try every infusion set out there to find the perfect set. It will be an adventure:) And i’ll keep everyone updated, for sure!

Thank you so much Heather! Yeah…I’m not sure me in a bra is a very settling image. Don’t picture it…seriously, lol. That is extremely useful info about the leg strap though. I looked it up online, and though I don’t think I want to put the actual pump in the belt, it gave me an idea. I’m gonna get an ace bandage and rig up a tightening system (maybe velcro but I’m thinking an adjuster would be ideal) so that I can use it for various parts of my body and put the ace bandage over the infusion site. That way there should be very little chance of it getting knocked out. I’ll give everyone a heads up if it works and how well it works.

Hey Isara - wow on the 60g/1U when you are eating the Raw Vegan diet. I only went onto the pump 2 years ago, tried out the MM 522 and then the Animas 2020. I didn’t mean to buy one, but after 40 odd years of MDI I decided, what the heck. I was abit anxious about being connected to a machine 24/7, how it would affect my relationship with my hubby (wait - the tubing is wrapped around your blip blip blip), but after having my A1C go from 7% to 5.7%, I thought I’d stick it out longer.
I’ve also tried as many different types of infusion sets possible that I can get my hands on (I can use any infusion set with a luer lock connector - and with your pump you can get a special connector that allows you to use other infusion sets besides what MM sells). Luckily I’ve been to a few diabetic conventions so I get goodies to test out on myself. Actually, going on the pump was my idea, my endo wasn’t for it. I’m also self taught on using the pump, tho’ wouldn’t recommend that for everyone, to have had a pump/diabetic educator would have been a slice of heaven, and I didn’t know about places like this on the Internet were around. Now I know better.
I now use the Sure T’s all the time - no irritation like I had with teflon cannulas (don’t even know I have it in me - I use 9 mm length, but probably being athletic you use the 6 mm) - and I have my insulin going into me at a slow rate (I use an Animas 2020). I think you can slow down how fast the insulin goes into you with your MM, but can’t recall, as I only used it for 4 months before I had to give it back (was leaving country - and Medtronic wouldn’t let it out of the country - then I called up Animas - and they sent me a pump in under 3 days - and in the end - purchased one 4 months later).
So, give yourself some time to get used to it, be patient (easier said then done, because I’m an impatient gal, but I hung it out, and I was testing out the CGMS at the same time too - ugh), ask questions here and at other insulin pump forums, and hopefully you’ll figure out if it’s for you.

Just wondering, why switch to the smaller pump ? It does not hold as much insulin - but maybe you don’t need that much. There is also a great belt that I got for my son that does not move or shift and is stretchy enough to hold your pump and sugar cubes - it is the Spibelt. Good Luck, nancy

Thanks for the info! I’ll check that out and see if it can be useful. I’m switching to a smaller pump because I only use about 35u/day so, in 3 days I could never use 178u, much less 300. And it’s small, which is important to me. Thanks for the encouragement, Nancy. I think it will work out, but we’re still in transition mode.

I know, it’s wild how your body actually changes so drastically. So, the biggest revelation of that diet was that sugar is not the enemy, not by a long shot. It’s fat. But what’s even more interesting, is that when you go 80%carbs/10%fats/10% protein, I was eating A LOT, literally 12-15 bananas or 3lbs of strawberries a meal to keep my calories above 2500. And I was losing weight, not strength. And I had enormous amounts of calm energy. Eating was for energy, not for pleasure. Anyways… I can talk all day about diet and whatnot, because I’m so interested in hearing new ideas about food.

Thank you so much for your positive support. It means so much when someone whom was on MDI for so long, switched and liked it. I’m kind of getting used to it, but every insertion makes me question it again. I didn’t like the Sure-T’s, though. They felt fine going in, but then they started to burn really intensely later on and with each bolus.

I am concerned with it in the intimate sense as well….not that it will get tangled in my “hubby’s blip blip,” lol. But how will she respond? Will it get in the way? I mean I know I could unhook, but the very site seems like it would be…um…not very sexy. I imagine we’d both probably just forget about it. I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Again, thanks for the post.