Which is a better pump?

I think I have deicided on using the Animas 2020. But, I have heard many good things about the MiniMed Paradigm as well. The Choice is:

Amimas 2020 or MiniMed Paradigm

Which one??

Any expirences with either pump?
Is it really true that animas is making a CGM?

Im having a tough time now deciding because of the many features both pumps provide…

Animas is working on CGM, but MiniMed has one and they have lots of experience with it. They are ahead in the CGM race to a closed loop.

I know MiniMed has come along way with CGM. But, I feel that maybe getting the Animas is a good choice for first time pumpers, like me.

Animas was my choice. MM has been around for a longer time, but the technology is basically the same. So it got down to the features. I liked the big,color screen Animas offered. I really need it when the thing goes beep in the middle of the night and I have to look at it with no glasses on and figure out what’s up. I’m told most people like their first pump and so will you. Choose either but choose. Pumping makes life so much easier.

Thanks for the information. I am getting the animas in two months but I wanted info and stuff to really make sure I’m making the right choice. I know that pumping is really the best way to go even when your older… I was just newly diagnosed so I don’t even know what pumps are like but I know that my cousin has had a minimed pump for 4 years and she is 10 and she likes it. But, she recomned the animas to me for first time users! I also like the big screen of the animas. Thanks again for the information and I really appreciate it!

Im getting the Animas in about 2 months (somewhere in May). I have heard soooooo many good things about the Animas and I love a lot of their features so thats why im going with that. Good luck with the Animas also and I will defff tell you how i like it!