Which is better?

I was diagnosed a month before my 16th birthday. I feel the age I was diagnosed was alright. Once I started school with diabetes, I did kinda feel left out since all my diabetic schoolmates were diagnosed when they where kids. But they all taught me how to cope with diabetes for two years. I feel I was diagnosed at a right age because I understood what was going on, was able to care for myself without much help from my parents, and have kept out of trouble. If I was to be diagnosed any younger, I think I would have not been able to take care of myself.

I was diagnosed when I was 17 and I am now eating healthier, which inturn is making me feel better and fitter. Diabetes hasn't hindered me at all, except the amount of cake I can eat!

Why has it effected the amount of cake u can eat?

because cake is very high in carbs

But if u count the carbs and correct. I think it is D right to eat as much cake as they like.