Which is the smallest pump available Ladies where do you hide your pump

Hi I am new to this site and have a few questions I am hoping for someone can help with
I am type I 36 yr Got a pump 8 yrs ago Mini med
I am looking for the smallest pump available. I bolus about 18-25 units a day I do however like the mini med dueto the remote control feature as I hide the pump and pump remotelyI do not like the fact that the pump is large and can be seen when wearing tigher fitting clothes

Also where to you attached your pump when at the beach ?


omni pod i would think would be smallest… I wish they would make them available in Canada. I will be going on the pump soon and i’ve heard many women just disconnect for an hour or so when at the beach

thanks Dave I will check it out

Thanks Jill but I heard the ommi is like having a lump that shows thru clothing
IS this true?

depends on how tight your clothing is. it’s not as obvious when i have it on my lower back, but it definitely sticks out when i wear it on my arm. i don’t mind though; it’s a good conversation starter =P

another good spot is your upper thigh…it shows through my pants, but it just looks like i have something in my pocket


I don’t know which is the smallest pump. BUT I don’t bother trying to hide my pump. I wear it on the outside of my blouse clipped on the collar or neckline. It just looks like a pager or a cell phone. When someone asks, I use it as an opportunity to do a little PR and education. I don’t feel I have to hide it. But I choose not to because I am large and it is uncomfortable around my waist or anywhere else that would rub. It keeps falling out of my pants pockets so I stopped that to save the life of the pump.

I don’t know why you feel you have to hide your pump, but you shouldn’t be ashamed. You may be shy compared to what I am at the present time. Believe it or not, I used to be quite shy. YUP! SHY!!! Nothing like a good divorce to kick your butt to the streets and make you more sociable!!

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

P.S. I am still looking for something to put it in at night probably around my upper thigh???

I’m so mad, i just got a purple one in January, the pink is so much cuter, guess I will have to wait a few years for the pink one

Aside from from the omni pod pump the thinest lightest pump that i've seen is not as well known but it's called the accu check spirit.

thanks I’m not shy about it but when I wear tight fitting clothes i hate the large lump I have or if I have a dress on I have no wear to attached it
thanks for your insight
At night I have a pair of PJ with a small front pocket and I put it there

thanks I will look into it
I like the factmy pump has a remote as I use it 90 % of the time and havenot been able to find another pump with one

How about a leg holder. I can’t remember where I saw one but it’s an elastic thing that sort of like an ace wrap with a pocket and it is worn on your upper thigh under your dress.

The OmniPod is indeed the smallest pump. I also wear the Medtronic (522) pump and I wear it clipped to my bra or on my waist band. I demo’d the pod last year and the only thing I really didn’t like was that I couldn’t move it (mine wasn’t actually canula connected but I pretended it was), so I found it was a bit limiting. The pod is pretty small but any ‘lump’ is going to show through tight fitting clothes. Maybe go to their site and see if they still have that demo thing available - you can see for yourself then.

thanks karen
I also wear my pump inside my bra but will look to see if they have any demos

The Animas Ping is pretty small, and my meter works as a remote to my pump. I usually hide my pump, check my sugar and bolus straight through the meter. I love it!

I have the Spirit. I almost always wear it clipped to my pants, but recently I bought “Secret Pocket” at the Maidenform outlet. It has a velcro strap, and could attach to your bra or other places. It fits my pump perfectly. It costs 5.50, and is slightly padded to make it comfortable.

Marie, I would have thought you would have designed a really beautiful quilted case for your pump!!

you’d think so. There are patterns out there for cell phone cases that can be used.

i use the accu-chec spirit, i love it, the buttons on the side, which you can see sticking out are designed so you can feel them thru your clothes and they are all you need to bolus, it also vibrates back to you how much you have put it to bolus, so you can check you have it right.
i don’t feel the need to hide my pump, even if i’m on the beach, but if i go swimming i just disconnect it and put it in my bag or under my towel, if i am wearing a tight dress, or skirt, the spirit comes with a large velco strap (called a stomach strap) but if you wrap it round you can fit it arouond the top or your thigh, and clip your pump to that, thereforing hiding it.