Which level of blood glucose triggers beginning of dehydration?

Could you share at which level of blood glucose you starts to feel dehydration issue or beginning?

Feel free to share ..
Thank you

Dehydration is a multi-cause and symptom problem. I've never seen one particular level of BG that triggers this. Usually for me is how long have I been at a higher level. I can go high and never feel dehydrated. Or I can feel dehydrated at a perfectly good BG level. But, if I go high and stay there for 1/2 a day, then for sure I will feel dehydrated.

but lets say whats enough high if you stay 1/2 day to trigger dehydration?

i think dehydration soften an issue for T1s unless you are hyper vigilant about the water intake. I am often dehydrated and not even realizing it. Clear signs are dark urine, insulin resistance, dry mouth of course. I try to drink water for every glass of coffee tea or wine. also if high BG of course.

I am curious why you are asking? Personally, I don't base my decisions on whether or not to drink water on what I see on my BG meter or CGM.

Hi I need to rule out the possible causes of my dehydration . to find out..
Dehydration could have different causes.. it could be not linked to bg...

I can usually feel (dehydration) and taste high blood sugar around 250. I can also see it in my face - my lips get dried out and I call it 'centipede lips.' It might take four hours of drinking water before I feel rehydrated, after a sustained high. Takes forever.

I am interested in dehydration. Twice in the last couple years I have passed out and ended up with an overnight hospital stay and both times it was dehydration or heat related. BG was acceptable both times. Ran lots of tests and nothing else going on. I do drink lots of water but still seem susceptible to dehydration.

are your levels of sodium, na OK? when BGs are off, need water. often don't realize how much. and consider the stuff like tea and coffee you drink. I drink 4-5 cups and then try to drink 1 water for each one. we are all so different and must find what works for us. keep trying for the balance..

It takes a LOT of water for me to get back in balance, but you can overdo the water, too, just to make it more complicated. You don't want to drink too much because it can mess with your heart, but I might drink a couple tea pots worth after a high, which is quite a bit, maybe 6 big coffee mugs over a couple hours. If your passing out when you get dehydrated, you think your blood pressure gets low? Sometimes that's it. You just don't have enough volume in you.

i have chronic low sodium and have landed in hospital. They say...limit water....then of course i get dehydrated. Tough to find balance with T1. One day at a time.