Which meter do u use?

I was diagnosed in February of 2009.When I found out I had to call my insurance to see if they could send me a meter. Well of course the person on the phone just started rattling off names and I picked the first one I recognized. I am not complaining, I like my one touch mini, but I was looking online and I saw that I could get a free meter from a website called healthyoutcomes.com. It is a wave sense presto. I wanted to know if anyone has heard anything about this meter. As well as what type of meters everyone here uses. Well thanks for listening to me.

Currently using a One Touch mini, but every meter I’ve owned has done the job.

use an Accu-Check compact plus at home. I really like it. I have a One Touch Mini in my D bag that I use when I am out and about.

Most meter companies will send you a free meter, all you have to do is contact them. The meter companies do not make their money off of their meters they make it off of their strips. I would check with my insurance company to see which strips they cover the most before making a decision. I know that my insurance company does not cover the strips for all meters.

One Touch Ultra at home and One Touch Ultra Mini for carrying around.