Which post meal BG do you log?

I get the impression that many of us are testaholics. I usually test my BG at least 3 times post meal, at 30 minutes, 1 hour, and 2 hours, sometimes more than that on days when things are screwy. I want to know what and when my post meal peak is. I usually log my postmeal peak while my log will automatically give it a time stamp. I feel that logging post meal highs and premeal BG wil give me a better overall picture of what my average is.

Do you log your post meal high or just log what your BG is at a certain time postmeal?

It's been a long time since my training and I can't even remember what is recommended.

I just log my 2 hour post meal BG. Actually i don’t log it but it gets saved in my pump and it is on my logs when I upload the data every week or so.

I used to test 1hr post meal and 2hrs post meal. My CDE told me that with CGM up and running I may want to check only 2 hours after meal, as with proper bolusing with the meal (TAG, Super, or other depending on the meal) that I shouldn’t spike too much at all. So far he has been right. I do check 1 hour sometimes still but just to see if the sensor is working properly (Usually is within 10 pts of the meter) and I usually log them all. But I will say that I do find myself testing less 1hr after meal as my confidence in the CGMS system accuracy grows. I know its not direct, but hopefully its a more comprehensive answer…