Which pump is best?

I’ve been thinking about switching to a pump for quite some time now and just wanted some advice on which pump is better/ good? I was considering it a while ago and never got the courage to try it!! I still have issues with morning spikes in BGL’s so figure I may as well give it a go!! I can always go back if I don’t like it!! My Endo isn’t really pushing it but I am a perfectionist and would like tighter control. So I’m going to be proactive and do the research and ask to change to the pump!! My info is old so I’ve love to hear your personal opnions on pumps you’ve tried or new ones available?

Pumps are all really good, and most have identical features. I use the Minimed Paradigm 522, which has a built-in interface that can link to a Minimed Real Time CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) It is the only pump that combines a CGM and Pump in one.

The Omnipod is a waterproof pod that attaches to your skin and is controlled wirelessly with a PDA-like gadget.

One of the things to consider are the size of the resevoir. In the 522, the resevoir is 180 units. Since I take, on average, between 50 and 70 units a day, this lasts me 3 days before I have to replace it. Any longer and the tape to hold in the infusion set starts to irritate my skin.

Another feature of many pumps is the Carb Ratio. The 522 allows me to plug in a carb ratio (currently 11grams to 1 unit) and then bolus based on the carb count of my food. It also allows me to program a BG ratio (currently 35mg/dl to 1 unit)

The 522 can also receive BG’s wirelessly from my OneTouch UltraSmart.

An example, I check my sugar, and the meter reads 135. I hit the EZBolus Wizard button, and my 135 is already programmed into the pump. I then enter the total carbs for the meal, say 77, and the pump will then prompt me to bolus for 8.0 units, 7 for the carbs and 1 for the slightly elevated sugar.

Obviously I’m very happy with the 522, but I’m not trying to knock the Animas or Omnipod or any others. I’m sure they have about the same number of great features. Good Luck. Any pump is better than no pump when trying to get better control.

I have the Minimed Revel and really like it. I’ve been very happy with Medtronic and the service they provide. The pump itself is durable and small enough that it is easy to hide under my clothes. Also easy to use. I looked at the Animas, but it’s a bit bigger and therefore harder to hide.

I’ve seen one or two really bad complaints on Tudiabetes about Minimed’s service, but as with any company, it is made of people, and some people aren’t as willing or able to help as others. For myself, I’ve had nothing but the best service from Minimed.

Thanks so much for the detailed reply, it really helps to have another D that is actually using a particular pump talk about the pros and cons. I’ve found certain health care professions may lean towards a particular company and not what is best suited to the individual!! Is there more of s chance of Hypos on the pump?

Thanks so much for reply. Animas is out!! I’m quite petite and don’t want something that’s going to be sticking out and obvious!!
Most seem happy with some type of Minimed. Might look into this:)

Thanks so much for reply. Animas is out!! I’m quite petite and don’t want something that’s going to be sticking out and obvious!!
Most seem happy with some type of Minimed. Might look into this:)

Just sticking up for the Animas here! I love my Animas Ping! I’m pretty small, too, and I don’t feel like it sticks out at all . . . so I wonder what you mean by you’re worried about it sticking out? Maybe you’re confusing it with the Omni Pod?

Any way, my Ping and my meter can talk to each other and you can bolus right from your meter, just like the Minimed, without having to pull out your pump, which is a nice feature for restaurants, or if you’re layered in lots of clothes or wearing your pump in a more discrete place. Also, it has all the I:C, ISF ratios just like the Minimed and does all the math for you, which I love because I hate doing math! It does have a smaller reservoir, so if you need more insulin on a daily basis you might want to go with the Minimed because you won’t have to change it as often.

i’ve used both Animas & Minimed (many years ago), and what sold me on the Animas was the outstanding customer service, and its up-coming integration with the Dexcom CGM, which I LOVE and like a lot better than the current Minimed CGM. I really think it’s all a matter of personal preference, though in the end. Also a matter of what pump your insurance will want to cover better. :slight_smile: I know some people have done trial runs with the pumps they were trying to decide between, so if that’s something you can work out with your endo or the pump reps, you might want to try doing that before you commit to one.

Good luck with deciding! I had the same problem as you-- decent control, but crappy morning spikes–and the pump has really helped with that!

I am very happy with the MM. I also use the CGM. When I first went on the pump I had a hard time with adjusting the insulin dosages. I think if your body is not used to receiving very small amounts of insulin all the time, i.e. basal…it takes time to get used to it. I find the MM reps are excellent tutors. A good endo. that understands the pump is a big help too. I never thought they could teach an “old dog” - 57 years with type 1 - any new tricks, but they did. My control is so much better now and I am hoping to live a lot longer. !! Its good that you want to take an active role in your D. This website is an excellent source of information also.

I’ll chime in for the tubeless Omnipod. I really don’t think it’s for everybody but it works great for me. Rather than going into detail about the points and counterpoints, I suggest you go to the individual forum for more detailed information if you haven’t dones so already.


There is just too much information to try to sum up in one post, and even if I could, someone could just as easly post an equally long response with points and counterpoints to my points and counterpoints.

If you actually hold the Ping and a 522 up against one another they are virtually the same size. The Ping is a bit thicker though.