Which pump is good for an 11 year old?

Well, at our last endo meeting we got the paperwork for the pump!! My daughter is very excited, so much information!! Now we have to chose one and fill out the paperwork to begin the process. I am wondering which pump is good for kids?? I have seen lots of them… Any thoughts? Kacey is very active in sports and loves to swim, I am concerned that this attached to her will become a problem. Has anyone had any complications with the pump? I was so excited for her to get it, but seeing the pictures it makes me nervous… If it gets pulled out does it hurt?? I would love to hear anyone’s thoughts on pumping and any advice would be great.

Pretty much all the pumps work the same… most of the differences are in aesthetics and also in the kind of software that comes with it and customer service. Animas does allow for a much smaller unit size , you can do 0.01 units, while other pumps only allow .1 units. But for an 11 year old, she probably doesn’t need to get that precise - it’s really only needed for very young children. I think, though, that both Animas and Cozmo pumps are fully water-proof (Minimed is only water-resistent, which is akin to rain-proof), and Cozmo does have a meter in the pump (Freestyle) and has the food calculator. Minimed, on the other hand, allows for an upgrade to an integrated system of pump and continuous glucose monitor. I know children on literally every single pump out there, so there’s really no “best pump” for kids. It just depends on personal preference and what you like. I would do a trial with the different pumps before you go on it. See which system you have an easier time with and which one she like wearing.

Oh, and having it pulled out doesn’t hurt that much… it’s kind of like having a band-aid ripped off… it hurts. I’ve actually never had a pump site ripped out… usually the tape just gets moist after exercising or swimming and it starts to fall off.

My son is almost 6 and started pumping when he was 5. He uses an Animas pump. We got it because of the lower basals. His in an Animas 1250 and the basals can be adjusted by 0.025 units. There is a newer Animas pump now but I’m not sure what the basal units are for it.
My son plays sports and he wears the pump during all of them (basketball, soccer, and baseball). He is very active and has never ripped a site out while playing. He’s had a couple come off but they didn’t rip out but rather fell out.
He swims (alot). Animas is waterproof so he wears his pump while he’s swimming. He even wears it in the bathtub. I think Cozmo is also waterproof. Minimed is not.
Good luck.

Sorry, I said he started pumping when he was 5. He started pumping when he was 3.

I use the Cozmo and would be happy to answer questions about it-- as is usually the case, I love my pump! But I have only ever used the Cozmo so it’s hard for me to compare. However, I think that it is also very kid friendly, as the menus are easy to navigate.
One point to note is that with the Cozmo, basals and bolus can be adjusted up to 0.05 units. I think that you can’t go wrong, but it would be great if you can contact all the company reps and let you daughter see the pumps in person! Since it will be on her, it would be great if she could get the one that she feels most comfortable with! Good luck with the decision :slight_smile: Feel free to ask questions.

Haha, obviously I was way off with what the other pumps can do with basal and bolus amounts… I’m not on them so it’s hard for me to remember the specifics. Sorry for the misinformation!

I had a Cosmo, and now I’m on the Animas pump. I’m sure you’ve picked one out by now, but I liked both of them. The Cosmo was the version previous to the integrated menu, but it was really easy to use. No matter what you chose, my endo doctor recommended “The Calorie King; Calorie FAT and Carbohydrate counter”. It’s just a little manual that lists carb counts for foods, as well as carb counts for food chains. I love it, and find it extremely helpful! :o)