Which Smart Phone?

So this is my 2nd post in one day… I am on a roll. I have noticed that there are a lot of you who use smart phones and run some app to keep track or log you numbers. My daughter is only 2 and with 2 other kids we are constantly on the go. Although I stink at technology - I takes me 5 min to send a short text message. I have qualifies for an upgrade at work and can purchase a new phone. I pay for the phone, but work pays for the plan. We are on the Sprint network. So which “smart phone” do I want? I hardly ever call anyone on my phone. Mostly I will use it for the log booking app and if I could get on facebook, well I probably will. Any advice?

If you’re looking for apps, you’ll probably want an Android phone. The HTC Evo 4G pretty much tops that list.

Love my Android Phone and apps.

I have an apple iphone but i really like the track 3. You can probably get it for any major phone? Not sure. Problem is you have to input all the info but it has a great nutrition, can access all the major fast food info plus you can input your personal nutrition info plus exercise. Has the usual graphs and feed back and email stuff. good luck! If she’s on a pump you check into apps that relate to whatever pump she’s on. Waiting for the day they connect EVERYTHING together.