Which way to go

As you all know; there is no such thing as a static BG. Our numbers are in a continual state of flux, they are either on the upswing or the downslope at rates that spin out of control, or just keep you waiting…and waiting for a well deserved meal.

With that said…where in this are you in this mixed up world right now?

I don’t have the real estate for a pump anymore, let alone a CGM, so I’m on the carnival rides you describe. Yeah, my meals are well deserved, and often pretty good. With frequent monitoring, I survive.

Anywhere from 60 to 250. But those are the extremes. I’m trying to keep my BGs under 140 (good luck!), but even under 180 is a triumph. If I would give up milk, I would probably do better, but it’s my last comfort food. So, perfect, no, but managing, yes.

Mine have swung from 157 to 52 today… last night and this am they were higher, but Something told me I was in for a Low, I have one Adrenal gland, and this wacks my BS out when there is no other reason I can find, I blame the lonely ONE (Adrenal Gland).