It's now been almost three months since I broke my toe (the fourth toe on my right foot). I had never broken a bone in my life, so at first I thought it was just a very bad stub. But no. Less than one week after I broke it, I headed off to Tulum, Mexico, for my annual yoga retreat. Managed to do yoga without a problem. Normally in Mexico I go walking for miles and miles on the beach, but this year I did lots of swimming. It was only very recently that I have been back doing most things, and I have gotten a bit out of shape. I did a 10 mile hike last weekend, and am back to the power walks and gym routine (in addition to the yoga). But DANG I sure hated being a couch potato. That's my non-specific whine.

I'm in the mood for a good whine, too. I've been faithfully exercising and in the past three months have even added cardio-kickboxing (Turbo-kick?), back to weights, and have attempted to run in addition to two Zumba classes and two Pilates. I'm LADA and still make insulin. This is great for the diabetes, but I am in the early? stages of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Exercising is Rxed by both my Endo and Physiatrist. The problem is that I am in pain before I start exercising, and I'm in pain after I exercise. It's just not fair. I'm running fevers in the afternoons with the RA, which affect the diabetes, so I've decided taking enough Ibruprofen to cover the low grade fever is better than screwing with the diabetes numbers. It just makes me mad because I'm doing such a good job on my diabetes with a 5.1 A1c, no drugs, no insulin - just exercise and diet a la Dr. Bernstein. I don't mind exercising. My body looks a lot younger than most people in their late fifties. It's just so complicated. I'm damned if I do, and damned if I don't - even sitting causes pain. No, I'm not on RA drugs because it will complicate my diabetes, and since I had adrenal Cushing's, I will immediately turn into a Cushingoid person overnight with any steroids. I look soooo healthy that no one even gives me sympathy. Since the pain goes away during intense exercise, no one in my classes gets it. I dance like I'm not in pain, so I've been put on the stage and danced with the instructor in the middle of the room a couple of days ago. When I dance, my mental health feels better. To further complicate it all, the heat and pollen of the summer make my joints on fire. Everyone loves summer. I don't. It makes me sick. Whine, whine, whine.....

Sheila, I am just curious (I know practically nothing about RA, please excuse my ignorance), can you swim without pain or discomfort?

Melitta, my fiancee is fond of saying, "I'm not complaining, I'm just whining." It's a useful distinction, and as Judith says below, sometimes a whine (or whinge, as they say in England) is a useful way of letting off some steam. Here's hoping your toe stops hurting and you can get back to where you want to be!

Thanks, Scott, what a long road to recovery this has been! My toe is still a bit swollen, but I am back into my fitness routine. But yes, every once in a while I need a good whine.

Thanks for all the support all of you. Melitta, sorry I missed your question the first tie around - I'm sure I didn't scroll down on my email.

I don't know how to swim and try to stay out of all sun because I'm photosensitive and had skin cancer. Our health club does have a couple of indoor pools, including one that isn't fridgid, but cold enough that I would not want to even test the waters if I were in a flare. When I had total body myopathy after Cushing's, I was forced to go into a therapeutic hot pool.

I think the flare of the RA last weekend was caused, in part, from forcing myself to to a opposing limb swim move while supine in Pilates with my arms extended. The myopathy still resides in my neck, shoulders, and hip flexors, but I compensate enough that I can still dance. I just can't do normal things like get up off the couch or put dishes away in the top shelves.

The physiatrist really encouraged me to do Zumba as much as possible because I will retain my entire range of motion the more I exercise. The pain goes away while I exercise, and I never skip no matter how bad a day I've had because there is always something I can do - even feet exercises. I try to rotate what I do. I signed up for a second studio to get more Zumba time and plan to get certified before things get worse.

The Turbo-kick is a stretch, but I actually have progressed to where I can punch hard and kick high. My Burpees are sad looking with the hip flexors.

I don't totally understand every detail of what I've gleened about RA and Exercise (because my primary goal in life is to be a good PWD), but the articles that I've read encourage the patient early in the disease to exercise a lot and to take NSAID's before exercise if the pain is too bad. The Physiatrist gave me a very "say it like it is" speech. My only hope to retain my mobility in the future is to exercise - it's the variant of RA that is my problem. She wants the impact for my bone density.

So, maybe foolishly, I took a Zumba, Pilates, and another Zumba on Saturday. That was a little crazy for someone three weeks short of 59yo, LADA, Hashimoto's, and RA with residual proximal myopathy from the Cushing's. I was fine until my joints cooled down.

I had been on a kick to take as few NSAIDs as possible to give my kidneys a break. What I found out was that my bg went up to 124 without food because of the PAIN. I try to never go above 100 -110. So, the past few days, I take NSAIDs before I exercise to keep the swelling down.

I just ran for three miles - not easily, but this is something I am not good at, so I feel I need to try to do things that are hard, but not impossible. The doc gave me one more year before my recovery would stop being a recovery, and start being maintenance. I have rubbed down with Chinese Oil that has lots of salicylates and have multiple ice packs next to me. Last BG before I consumed food was 81.

Glad to hear that your toe is better.