White Flour Spikes

each morning i have been having the same breakfast, day after day. I have 2 scrambled eggs on Pepperage Farm Hearty White Bread. i measure out the carbs and give myself a bolus. (this is at 5am)there is no Dawn Phenominon.
just good old fashion fasting BS.

I go bk to sleep, and when i wake up 2 hours ltr, my sugars are sky high.I want to bolus for a cup of coffee, and cant understand why this bread had such an effect on me, despite my using my "Wizard" feature on my pump. so now i am in experiment mode.i went to my local health store and bought a loaf of bread that is "9 Grain w/ Flax Seed" it has 1/2 the carbs and half the calories. its all grains and seeds and such. so for dinner, i made myself a turkey sandwich, now i wait. i test myself in 2 1/2 hours and see what happens.


For me, it really doesn't make a difference if it's white flour or whole grain (though whole grain obviously has more nutrition value). Two slices of bread would be too much for me at breakfast. Dinner might work better, though I generally just stay away from sandwiches. You're making an assumption that "a carb is a carb" and that if you bolus correctly, you'll be fine. For some of us, some foods just don't work, and certainly don't work using our usual I:C ratios. For me the worst ones are rice and cereal (including the healthy kind). I just don't eat those foods. Not worth the trouble.

I never waste my precious little carbs on bread, white or otherwise.

I seem to be really intolerant of wheat and am more insulin resistant in the morning. But that may not be your problem. For me, Darn Phenomenon (DP) is directly sleep related. If I sleep soundly through the night and wake at 4-5am and go about my day, I am just as likely to have no DP. But if I wake at 4-5am and then go back to sleep for 2 hours I am almost guaranteed to have a wicked case of DP.

Next time, do a self experiment. Wake at 5am, bolus and have exactly the same breakfast, but stay awake and see if you have the same DP.

thx Brian. i am going to do that tomorrow. i will have EXACTLY the same bkfst at 5am and see what happens. i have a sneaking suspition though that i am going to have to change my basal rate for the wee hours around 2am. but i will try your suggestion 1st.
Daisy Mae

FYI: my endo increased my basal to compensate for the DP, so we'll C what happens. Hope all goes well.

Thx for all your support and ideas.