White House requires Big Pharma to list drug prices on TV ads


Hopefully this will be disruptive to their system of complicating the heck out of everything to rip us off.

“the list price is not really the price” (cause of our 1001 stupid rebate and other scams)

Reminds me of a “rewards” card, as if anyone ever felt “rewarded” when they just raise the price of everything then give you a “discount” to participate in their costumer tracking schemes.

The stories are just coming out now. So far the ones I clicked on don’t say much maybe in a day or two some more detailed stories on how this might effect things will be published.


I feel very Lord of the Flies about this whole thing. mohe quietly chanting and grinning, “Kill the beast. Cut its throat. Spill its blood.”

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And I say ban all pharma advertising of drugs that need prescriptions. If one can’t buy it off the shelf, they shouldn’t advertise it.


If you think trump is working to lower drug prices I have a bridge for sale 0N VENUS

He is working overtime trying to destroy the ACA / Medicare / Medicaid - but hey, he is going to lower drug prices

absolutely shaking my head


Please lets be careful not to bring political ideology into the forum. It can be an explosive subject that is best avoided.


I would like to say that this is quite an eye opening report but I can’t, this only confirms what I have believed all along. Thank you @mohe0001 for posting this.

We all know and have been discussing it for years. But, it sure is validating to have the rest of the world finally start to come on board, isn’t it?

No, not the “white house”.

That is the case in australia, no prescription drug can be advertised.

And that’s the way it WAS in the U.S. All the rules are gone now.

Those were the good ole days, no drug advertising, no lawyer advertising , no doctor advertising. Can we go back, Please

There’s still no advertising for cigarettes or alcohol!

lawyers can advertise here but medical people can’t. People are manipulated by adds, the medical and drug industry should be banned from doing it. Oxy is the drug of choice now, It is very restricted here. Even panadol with codeine is now on a script and not over the counter.

Well I’ll be! I’m eating crow! How do I count for that? :rofl:

I just heard my first television commercial for electronic cigarettes. There must be a loophole somewhere!

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Judge Blocks Trump Rule Requiring Drug Companies to List Prices in TV Ads

  • July 8, 2019

A federal judge ruled on Monday that the Trump administration cannot force pharmaceutical companies to disclose the list price of their drugs in television ads, dealing a blow to one of the president’s most visible efforts to pressure drug companies to lower their prices.

Judge Amit P. Mehta, of the United States District Court in the District of Columbia, ruled that the Department of Health and Human Services exceeded its regulatory authority by seeking to require all drugmakers to include in their television commercials the list price of any drug that costs more than $35 a month. The rule was to take effect this week.


Trump knew it would never fly to begin with - that’s why he did it - gimme a break

That could be, but it was an Obama appointed judge who struck it down.:grin:

I still say with 7.5 million insulin users in the US if we all invested $100 with 750 million dollars we could start a pharmaceutical company and manufacture our own insulin and buy it from ourselves at cost.

7.5 million voters could also decide most presidential elections and we could easily bully both candidates into supporting us pre election if we stuck together.

“big pharma” only wins every time because we let them.