White, privileged, and diabetic

SarahB, that does suck. I couldn't get assistance either because at the time I was living with my mom and her husband and I had to claim that I lived with them so it made it so I didn't qualify. Then my second husband came around and I'm now on his insurance and was able to get on an OmniPod insulin pump system.

I'm speaking from the position of dominace here, white, male, in a predominantly white Country. Does Rasism exist? Yes certainly. Does rasism exist in every facet of our society? I'm sure there are levels of racism everywhere. Is there a direct link to the level of care you receive based on your race.....I don't think so. We live in a society where money talks, if you have it, you get the care you need, if you don't have money, that's where the problems start. Is there a link between money and race....yes, there is also a link between money and gender, money and age..........

It is quite sad that greenclouds has fallen victim to the progressive agenda to divide and conquer America from within. From the early 20th century progressives thru Woodrow Wilson all the way to Hillary Clinton( who considers herself an early 20th century progressive, her words not mine)the left has tried to segregate groups into sub groups and give them victim status. The races against each other the able against the handicap the woman against the man the rich against the poor now the white diabetic against the black, come on are you going to become a SLAVE to political correctness? When are you going to be an American and fight injustice regardless of why it occurs? When you see something wrong speak up, when you see an entire subset of the human race constantly told they cannot improve their lives thru hard work, but only with the Governments assistance, speak up tell them they are capable, site examples like Condeleeza Rice, Justice Thomas, Nelson Mandella, and others who chose to rise above the stereotypes, work hard and succeed on their own merits. When they do "make it" on their own, they are denigrated by the same left that believes "they have their place", and are commonly referred to as "Uncle Tom's" by the progressives. What complete hypocrisy, of which greenclouds is unfortunately another victim. By the way President Woodrow Wilson segragated the U.S. armed forces under his watch as a early 20th Century Democrat Progressive. The armed forces were intagrated before this time.

Hear, hear, Parrformance.

Hear, hear!