Whitehouse backtracks on PBM initiative

But, you missed the part where they are going to lower prices

Nothing will change until the dogs are lapping up blood like the French revolution.

I hate to see folks get their hopes up when they will never lower prices

I know, no politics

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hehehehe, @Tony24. :+1:t5:

Things are changing and will continue to change as we see drug prices drop. Unfortunately, I don’t believe the changes will happen fast enough and to a great enough extent in the near future to satisfy any of us.

Seeing some insulin dropping in price from $500 to $250 is a good start but no bargain when that same insulin from the same factory for the same quantity costs $50 in most other countries.

I try and remember that we are fighting this on multiple fronts. There’s a sorta hot war and a cold war (that’s going on with tech). We’ll get 'em. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ht7mxF9XZiA