Who Am I?

I’m just another nerd. I was lucky in my diagnosis. I went in for my annual physical and my blood sugar was elevated and blah, blah, blah took the tests but they could not diagnose me. My internist sent me to an endo and he immediately diagnosed me as a very lucky LADA. He said had I not found it out through my physical I probably would have found out by a diabetic coma. I had a couple of grande mal seizures a few years back that they were never able to figure out why I had them in the first place (I actually drove THROUGH a house during one of these episodes.) In retrospect, it was the betes. Before I was diagnosed it had gotten to the point where I was having to come home from work and take a nap before I went to bed. I’ve been thirsty for what seems like my whole life and frequent bathroom trips to the point the family made fun of me as a kid. I was diagnosed as type 1.5 on my 31st birthday. It was the only diagnosis that made sense. I’m not at all overweight (I was a size 6 when diagnosed and I am now a size 4, quickly becoming a 2), I lead an extremely active lifestyle (play softball, martial arts, will be pulled on anything by a boat, ATV rider, you name it), and I ate healthy. Or so I thought…who knew fruit can be your enemy at times.

Even though my last A1C was around 6.1 (which is great), doc has warned me repeatedly that the honeymoon is almost over and I need to be prepared for insulin. Currently I’m on Byetta pen, Actos, and Starlix. He wanted to put me on insulin the last two visits, but I’m resistant. I know that I’ll have to cave, but if I can push it off I will as long as I can. He even told me the reason he was giving me the Byetta is not only to lower my crazy numbers, but to also get me prepared.

As you all know, this can be VERY frustrating!!! I’ve always been a very athletic person, but I have increased my exercise and gotten even better about my healthy eating yet my numbers continue to rise. I tested before I worked out the other day (an intense 2 and a half hour workout) and my numbers were actually HIGHER after I worked out. I get frustrated a lot, but I always think about all of the kids that didn’t have the childhood that I had. I had a good run and to be honest with you, I’m healthier now than I ever have been because I’ve had to learn my body. All in all, things could be a WHOLE LOT worse!!! There’s my 2 cents.

Shots are not bad at all-been through 1000’s of them - pump on order. Regulating a active life style with shots is another thing. Potentially you’ll add some weight because of the need to eat with the insulin . Sometime you become a slave to your meals. More than anything the daily testing and shots just become a inconvience, you just put into every day living. Bottom line shots if done right can give you flexibiliy and bottom line you should feel better.

So how goes the T1.5 battle? - I saw saw your kidlett pictures and they were amazing. Hopefully you have some great July 4th pictures to post with the others. Mike

Hey thanks! The kidletts are the nieces and nephew. Don’t want any of my one. I get to REALLY spoil the others that way! Thanks for the positive comments!!

Yes, the honeymoon was over a few months ago. Still on the Byetta, Actos, and Starlix, but now we’ve added insulin into the mix. Pretty awesome to take 3 shots and like 80 pills a day! I feel like the pill lady as my purse rattles with scripts. Could be worse though. Thanks for asking!

Thank God for your physical life style. I wouldn’t wnat to think what your health would be like if you wrere not so active. It seems that you are doing rather well(a1c-6.1) not too shabby. The insulin may regulate your BG#s more efficiently. Don’t be too concerned. Continue your work out routine eat properly( watch those nasty cabrs). and test your Bg often. Best to you and yours. Pete

Finally got a chance to read your story. Most the time after I exercise my BG is higher than when I started. Maybe, I should lay off the walking and hiking.