Who do I listen to?

I am going to the doctor in 2 weeks, just for a check up. My dad is telling me to change the amount of my lantus now instead of waiting to see what my doctor says. Do I listen to them or do I change it know?

Why is your dad telling you to change lantus dosage? Can you at least call your doctor? If it entails an urgent action (e.g. extreme bs swings) maybe you can ask for a much earlier appointment?

+1 why does your dad want u change your lantus?

he wants to change it because he thinks i take too much because i go low even if i don’t take any Humaloge

Call your doctor. You definitely want to avoid lows, especially repetitive lows. Maybe the physician or provider can help you manage this over the phone prior to your appointment. 2 weeks can add up to a lot of lows.

Well, eventually, it will be important for you to listen to YOURSELF first, but I’m guessing that your Dad has educated himself on basal rates?

You didn’t give any details - when are you going low? How much are you taking and how often?

There are ways to test your basal rate to see if it’s at the right level. Lantus is a long-acting, background insulin - not intended to cover meals.

I am on the pump now, but when I was taking Lantus, I had to split the dose in two, morning and night.


Call you doctor or if you have to go to the hospital that he works with in your area. No matter what you do the balance takes time to get it is harder to do if you are younger as you never know what activities you will be into that day.

When you have lows and the only insulin you are taking is Lantus, you lower the dose so you will not have repetitive lows.
Repetitive lows sometimes result in losing your ability to KNOW you are low. You will not want that to happen.
When you lower your dose, if you are on a one digit dose (9 units or less per day), you can lower it by one unit and then wait a couple days to see if you need to lower it more. If your total daily dose of Lantus is 10 or more units, you may be able to lower it by two units - and wait a few days to see if it stays in target.
When you go to the doctor, talk with him about your managing the amounts of insulin. Ask for guidelines so you can feel confident.
You and your Dad should be able to do it. I suggest you figure out and use your Dad as a sounding board. Get some books that explain how it’s done, what your pancreas would do if it could.
Eventually you will want to be in charge of this. And then you will listen to EVERYONE’s ideas and make a decision. This experience can give you some more knowledge about it.
And let us know how you do!!! We’re rooting for you and your Dad to come up with an EXCELLENT cooperative method!!!