Who eats Bananas?

Do you eat bananas even though you know you will spike later?

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I eat a banana almost every day. A small banana or half banana, under 30g of carbs, makes a good snack. I don't find that I spike later.

Ripe banana do spike me but lately I have not eaten any. Not because of the spikes just cause I have not had the occasion to. But I do remember noticing spikes after a good banana. Although if I remember right they were not horrible spikes just more than normal from other foods.

Plums and watermelon have been my fruits of choice lately. I already try so hard to avoid table sugar, chocolate, maple syrup, white rice, white bread, etc. I am reluctant to add another forbidden food to my list :)

I don't spike after any fruit if I work it into my meal plan of carbs for that meal. I wouldn 't eat a whole banana, but a few slices on my cottage cheese or yogurt has never spiked me.

It will depend on how much (note "much")banana one eats. I open one and eat half or a quarter of it. This i do when i need to raise my BG by 10 units or so, and especially during the night.

I loathe bananas and will not eat one under any circumstances, even if there's booze in it.

Thanks Marie for the link!

Awe…Not even if there’s booze in it!!! (:

How do you put booze in a banana?

With a blender...

How about banana-brandy loaf?

That's why god invented Da Vinci sugar free banana flavored syrup!!! to fool us into feeling like we are enjoying banana flavor without the dreaded roller coaster of a real banana. I bet you could put in that!!!

only around exercise can i eat them

I do eat bananas and they do send my BG upward. I also learned a storage trick from a friend. Say I want half today and half tomorrow. You cut it in two with a sharp knife. Then put the 'saved' cut side on a napkin or just a little piece of a napkin and it stands upright on the napkin. The banana stays fresher that way. Even the day after that if desired. Not longer than 2 days though. All you have to do is cut a little end sliver off and you have a good half banana the next day.

I eat bananas without expectation of a spike... typically I dose for a meal, eat a meal minus a banana's worth of carbs, and eat the banana an hour to two hours later.

Yeah, I use half a banana sometimes to bring me up from a low then I give the other half to my guinea pigs and everyone wins.

I also like pan fried plantain, which apparently is chock-full of carbs but it just doesn't seem to spike my sugars when I use it as a side dish :/

I eat one each weekday to get me through a busy afternoon, after eating a sandwich and fibre-crunch bar.

Although T2, tight control means I can otherwise get headachey and a bit confused.

I love them and refuse to give them up
I use 45 carbs when I eat the entire thing . I can usually bolus correctly for it,