Who else "geeks out" with their diabetes stuff?

So, this might just be me, but I love to have the latest reporting software so that I can graph trends and run statistics on my insulin amounts or blood sugars. Right now I am just using the website that mini-med provides, and then outputing that data into excel so that I can make prettier graphs.

With the release of this new OpenMoko phone though, how hard do you think it will be to have it recieve the radio signal and then report the information to a simple sql database. You could then keep everything right on you! Why you would want to do that I am not sure, but it would be cool!

Chuck Lin wrote:
Hi Sean
I’m looking at mobile strategies for my company. We are a social networking website in the US.
I would like to purchase a couple of phones but I could not find on the site which US mobile carriers I would be able to use. I have T-Mobile and currently a Blackberry Pearl phone.
BTW, I am from Taiwan but have been living in the US since 1980.
Thanks for the info.

Sean’s reply:

Right now it’s still really early and we don’t have any regular user kits. You should check out this link before you buy one to make sure it fits your needs:


Hope that helps!


Wait, do you mean you can get your info out of Carelink and put it into Excel? Or do you mean the other software? I didn’t see any way to download it, but perhaps having to use Explorer blinded me.

I am a total diabetes geek. I use Carelink, download my UltraSmart (although the software is pretty limited), and use my Palm TX to track food and carbs (with Calorie King), which I can sync to my desktop. I tried Diabetes Pilot for awhile, but it wasn’t the thing for me. When I was having to track things for my endo, I made my own Excel spreadsheet and synced it to my Palm so I could input the data in real time (otherwise I never would have done it). It worked out pretty well.

I am considering getting a Helio Ocean but continuing to carry my Palm; I don’t really mind having both.

I am just porting it out right now by hand. Big PITA but it gets the job done. Their reports are good, but it is fun to find the standard deviance and stuff like that.

You’re hardcore!

I use the CareLink website pretty regularly and mess with the graphs etc, but that’s about it. My endo loves that I use it. She says there aren’t many out there that take advantage of the website.

I was so happy when I got my Mac mini at home though so I could run Parallels and boot it into Windows to use the site. I think it’s moronic that you have to be running IE in order to access their website, but that’s a whole nutha whine session all on it’s own! lol

Hi Kelly !
No it’s not so moronic. It’s moronic that you have to use 32 bit windows to do it… I wanted to log into their site, first problem was because Firefox (I have IE installed I just don’t use it), and second because I am using 64bit version of windows… Now that is morronic…

He he…

I definately do! I use CalorieKing’s PDA software to look up foods I’m eating, punch them into my Minimed 715, and then download and tweak my settings with the Solutions software. My old endo used to love when I’d show up with all the graphs and info… it’ll be interesting to see how a new one will react, as I’ll soon be heading to my first endo appointment since I moved for school.

I use HanDBase for Palm to track sugars, and I can’t stand the UltraSmart software.

What I would like to see is a meter with bluetooth and client software for Windows Mobile/S60/Palm/iPhone that will let me e-mail results, upload to a server, and to Twitter/Jaiku individual sugars and other readings.

I’m currently using a UltraSmart with the OneTouch management software, but I also use HandDBase for Palm to track sugars.

Since I work for AT&T and I change phones constantly, I would really like someone to come up with:

  1. a Bluetooth version of the UltraSmart. I’d pay more for the meter if it had Bluetooth.
  2. Client software for Windows Mobile, iPhone, PalmOS, and S60

Until that happens, I would like a online database that works on mobile browsers. That would make it a lot easier to add data anywhere.

Hi everyone,

I have a question. What is up with the crappy displays on our pumps?
Gees, how come my cell phone has a better display than any of the pumps?
It is a battery drain issue? Even my OmniPod PDA has a display like the old original Palm Pilots use to have. Since a lot of us no longer have the best eye sight you would think that maybe a organic LED color display would be nice. I know that the Animas 2020 has one but it’s menu functionality is terrible. That’s another thing, who designs the menu flows on some of these pumps. Both the displays and the menus functions are completely old design. Could you imagine how many iPhones would be sold if it used the Animas 2020 menu system. I am a old mainframe programmer and if I had put out a system for the user that the menus worked like some of these pump menus I would be fired! I just think that maybe the pump companies should get more up to date on these issues. Does anyone else have an opinion on this? Am I being to picky here? Anyway just my two cents for what’s it worth.

Thanks for listening to me :slight_smile:

Hi Peter !

I totally understand you… If I made that crappy looking things I would be fired also… And if you take a look at protocols (for PC communication) that our meters use… disaster. I won’t even start with pump protocols… I have seen that of Minimed… Disaster…

No you are not picky… It’s just that we technical people are a little bit more… sensitive on equipment we carry around…


Hi everybody !

I just have one short question for you all… Has someone of you tried to run Sidiary on their PDA (either Palm or PocketPC version). I have just started using it, because I couldn’t find any other software that would help with carb counting AND also diabetes management… If you haven’t tried and want to, download it on www.sinovo.net, it’s free for 30 days (version 5), version 4 was free…

I tried Calorie King, but version for PocketPC is not that good…

So you got this Solutions Pumps and Meter program? I got this one when I bought cable… I will start adding Pump support for software I work on in few weeks (probably). If you can contact me via PM (personal message), we could talk more and you can give me few ideas?


So has anyone tried the Track 3 ? I input my BG and med and insulin and it is like a mini diary. Later I download it to my computer and print out all the graphs for my endo and he loves it. One other thing that was sweet it also keeps track of carbs and does have a food diary…


Yes, I am glad to know I’m not the only “diageek”.

I got a pump one month after diagnosis because there was no way I was going to do this manually if there was a computer that could help. I used to have a palm and use calorie king but I stopped after it died.
I just got the cgms and switched from flash to ultrasmart (and really HATE how much MORE blood I have to offer the meter gods to get a stinkin’ number!) and can’t find a piece of software I like to anyalize all this new data. Since I have the cgms, the Carelink site makes much more sense now but I don’t really like how they show fingerstick data. The onetouch software could have been made by a 16 year old in beginner’s programming class.

Have any of you seen sugarstats.com? It’s web based (but who’s going to blackmail me for my numbers???) but I love the u.i. I just can’t put in all the data I want in there. But it’s a good start!