Who gave Godiva Chocolatier my email address?


When I find out, I'm going to kill them.

I would say it's justifiable homicide.

Seriously, I've gotten four emails this week touting the latest chocolate creations. Cruel.

Today, it's chocolate drinks, chocolate cigars (apparently for Father's Day - as if they'd make it from the mall to my father), and custom ballotins.

I have emailed several times asking to be removed, but they still come. What gives?


They have been reported. Maybe I gave them my email address when I was in there and low one day…


Ummmmm…you could send ME the emails. Not that I need chocolate or anything, but, y’know, I"m just trying to help, that’s all.


I wish I had some Godiva this morning. Stubborn low. I think I DID give them my address. I maybe shoudn’t have reported i as spam.

Julia - I will forward you everything I get. You will LOVE them.


I’m aching for chocolate now. :stuck_out_tongue:


I can forward you an email, if you like. :slight_smile: