Who is Daniel Dunn?

Wow, I’m excited to find this community, tudiabetes.org. Not exactly sure how I came across it, but I did and here I am. Where do I start? I wanted to start with who I am. My name is Daniel Dunn, I’m 38, and have been diabetic for 6 years. Yeah, 32 (I think) when I “became” diabetic. I was on my way to work at a summer camp for kids, I was going to be a camp counselor, when I started having all the now, typical to you and me, signs and symptoms. Peeing a lot, extreme thirst, muscle soreness, blurry vision. It’s so funny when I look back on it, but it’s really not a funny situation. One thing that really pisses me off about the whole thing is the lack of information available, especially from the doctor’s office. They were the worst. Actually no, they sucked. But whatever, I became diabetice and it was the best/worst thing that ever happened to me. I’m healthier now than I’ve ever been, I take care of myself, and I live in a wonderful place, the mountains of Colorado.

So who am I? I am a mt. biker, trail runner, backcountry skier, Search and Rescue professional, business owner, triathlete, marathoner, climber, ski mountaineer, road cyclist, camper, backpacker, and beer drinker. I had to put that last part in there just so you wouldn’t think I was some kind of body nazi. I mean, I’m an athlete, and I’m an exercise junkie, but I love my beer and actually worked professionally as a brewer in two different brewpubs.
My latest reincarnation of myself in business owner, which is far and away the hardest thing I've ever done. I own a company called Daniel Dunn Productions, (smart name huh?) I shoot video and edit finished videos or movies for clients. I mainly do weddings, but have definitely started down the commercial/corporate side of things. Business to business is my next big thing to concentrate on. I love working for myself, but it can be scary, wondering where the $$ is gonna come from. But I love it. No doubt.
I have experience in a lot of different things, but what I'm most proud of is my ability to make friends. So let's become friends and learn from each other. I've had profound lows and ridiculous highs. And I really love helping with kids. Oh, I'm an ex-teacher, forgot that part.
Friend me, tweet me, use me, whatever. Let's connect and beat this disease!

Welcome Daniel! Here you will find plenty of friends will to share their expepriences and knowledge about Diabetes.

Glad to have you here. There are plenty of folks here that have had similar experinces and know how you feel. We are all in this together.

Welcome, Daniel! Ooo, Colorado.

Check out the videos here & send in one of our own. There are some awesome ones from members, including Making Sense of Diabetes.

Nice to meet you Daniel! You live in my favorite place on earth! And I think you are living my dream life! OUTDOORS!!! So - did you make it to the summer camp after your diagnosis?

yes, we love to see photos and videos! welcome!

Daniel Dunn you are the best !!! Who ever said that being diabetic holds you back from doing the things in life that you want to do ? That person obviously doesn’t know you. Keep on having those outdoor adventures.

YOU GO DANIEL! Show ppl what you can do! Looks like you got your finger in lots of pies! LOVE YOUR ATTITUDE TOO!

LOL Welcome to Tudiabetes and I’m glad you’re here! LOL
Great blog!!

Hi Daniel nice to meet you. I am also a bike nut. If I could I would bike all day like I did before I got sucked into corporate america. Before I was dianosed I would go to colorado and bike over there. Amazing how i could ride all day and not have to worry about going low. I am a weird type 2. I can go low very quickly without one dose of insulin. Like yesterday. I knew I was going to bike so I decided to have some doughnuts. I could not get to the bike cause I had to take the dog to the vet. I get to the vet and I am at 279. I dont do insulin but I remember I did not pop a pill cause I was going riding. As soon as I got home from the vet I went from 279 to 115 in 30 minutes of pedaling. I decided that was a good number and 30 more minutes later I am at 60. That ruined the day. So that is my issue too fast too quick but I cant put down the bike.

good to have you in the community.

Welcome Daniel! So wonderful to know you and thank you so much for sharing a bit of yourself. Glad youre here =)