Who is high?

I am 293 mg/dl

Started my day with a low 50 mg/dl and now am up and rolling…

I started at 345 mg/dl this morning but now am down to 103 mg/dl.

hope you guys get it back down

Did you overtreat, Ahmad?

Ya we will be down, nothing to be afraid about!

It is just a little bit bumpy! ;o)

hmmmmm, well if you count eating like 60 carbs extra overtreating! Then I believe yes I did!! LoL

I just went to the kicthen and started eating anything that my eyes catch Jam, Milk, Cereal barS, juice, candy, rice pudding, Boston creme pudding…Oh and a white peach! :slight_smile:

Keep it coming… pretty eyes ;o)

254 right now =[

Pizza !!! :o/

My fasting was 216. About 99% of the time my fasting BGs are over 200 and sometimes above 300. About 2 hours later it was down to 179.