Who plans on dieting the first of the year?

I know that I am. Anyone else and what is your stratagey?

I’m going back to my raw food diet. I wasn’t able to follow it while I was in England with my family and my BG fluctuated between 200 and 50, with persistent highs and lows. When I eat raw food, especially living, sprouted foods, my BG is between 75 and 105 almost all the time.

Hey Karen…all I know is that I MUST start eating more healthfully…or being more responsible about my diet, eating less carbs for sure, starting the day after tomorrow. Where the motivation will come from is an issue…
My weight is not so much the problem, but I feel that eating well in terms of diabetes is similar to being on a diet as it is all about discipline.
I will be anxious to hear about your progress. Happy New Year to you and your family.

I’ve slipped a lot during the past month or so, with holidays, visiting, and funky schedules (high 2 days ago, low this afternoon!!!) but I return home on the 2nd and plan to throw away half the stuff in my kitchen. I’m also going to check into the gym (I can use the one on campus for free, but it’s busy and inconvenient).

Good luck to everyone who’s turning over a new leaf!

yuppers, definitely on board with that one!!! My BG’s have been HORRIBLE for the last well…let’s say month (it’s been longer, but oh well). I am so sick of feeling like crap all the time. One of the things that I find VERY frustrating is that I will go to bed and my BG is 6.9, then I wake up in the am and it;s 18.9!!! I think that one of things I am going to try and do is to cut out carbs after 7pm and just stick to veggies, perhaps some yougurt, Other than that I am going to try and go low carb, I tried that one other time and it seemed to work. I am at my wits end trying to control this crap disease. Good luck with your dieting.