Who said these four walls a prison do they make

These four Walls a prison do they make,sums up how I feel some days after 63 years soon to be 64 there has to be more in life than this,how often have you heard that said,diabetes is a strange cell mate you cannot grasp it in your hands dispose of it down the lavatory leave it on the bus or make friends with it,it can on some days make your life a misery and other days stay in the background waiting for you to be silly have that cream cake forget your dinner or make you so complacent you ignore it.
Those are some of the down things about the beast,positive things you become more aware of your frailty and the need to get in place a good healthy routine eat better if you can afford it,make friends in the same boat as you so at times you have someone to tell your woes too,if only if it is a computer screen starring back at you,constantly having to check your blood sugars checking foods for sugars not an easy job to do when your eyesight is not what it use to be,pity someone does not invent a device you can scan of a product and it can tell you how much sugar is in the item it would make life a bit easier.
Ya there are some folks who have as nearly a normal life as you can have with the beast athletes film stars politicians what is there secret does being able to afford the best advice have access to private medicine and specialists have access and can afford the best foods for diabetes or is it something in there genes or maybe they are strong willed folks who knows I nearly said who cares cynical thing to say but in one of those moods right now the have and the have not’s.
I get so frustrated some times I want to take a long walk go out on my own and I suppose if the only thing wrong with me was diabetes I might be able to not trying to say diabetes is not bad enough but never been able to multi task like the other half of my life, heart failure gout prostrate depression all line up like the Great Wall of China to stop you in your tracks,with help no wall is unsurmountable, so perhaps all I need is someone to give me a leg up not a leg over.