Who We Are, What We Do

One of the uplifting things about reading “diabetic war stories” is how many of the PWDs are truly engaged in treating the D, but in contrast, how they don’t let it define them. In most cases, although we share stories in order to teach, be taught, and to learn, we, tend to treat this malady as something to get through, like a rainy day, or a traffic jam. Like most, who deal with health issues early on, we tend to take it seriously, while seeking other ways to be known by. It’s work, but it’s good work.

I’m curious as to what tactics or strategies you use to define yourself in ways other than the one that is always there?

Good topic. I want to reply in a bit more depth, but I have to run off to my Monday morning job.

Here’s just one mantra I use: Live life!

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Great question, Diabetic Dad!

I like to tell myself that I am SO much more than the sum total of my parts. I am an adventurer, a person who is quick to act and usually willing to try something new. I love to travel and have been in more countries than my hands can count.

I have a passion for health and nutrition that’s lived longer than my 32 year relationship with T1. I am in awe and amazed by biology on all levels.

I used to be a horse trainer and equine chiropractor, but 3 fractured vertebrae–all horse riding accidents–brought that story to its natural end after the third vertebra required emergency surgery to prevent paralysis. Now my horses are my friends and family…no more riding.

I own an online Disney travel agency. I am a meditation teacher. In another life, I was a Jungian psychotherapist.

I love most things spiritual and metaphysical. Hiking in Nature is always brings me peace and a sense of the divine.

I love all things magical–like Disney and faeries and dragons.

I am an artist.

Like I said, so much more than the sum of my parts :sunglasses:
Thanks for asking,

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Hello Diabetic_Dad

<<I’m curious as to what tactics or strategies you use to define yourself in ways other than the one that is always there?

Once the proverbial “bullets” start flying tactics and strategies must often change.

I try not to separate my parts. There are many important pieces, some are unnecessary, others unhelpful. At the core exists persistence, a determination I believe. Scarred, shredded, grim perhaps even dour possibly, but there fundamentally.

Perceived (by others) in many ways, does not make them true. And I seek better tools than those which I now use.

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Persistence is a big part of it, along with resilience, and the Stockdale paradox.

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